The New Normal Travel: Travelling During COVID Times

The New Normal Travel:

Travelling During COVID Times

Travelling During COVID times with Ensuring Health Protocol
Travelling During COVID times with Ensuring Health Protocol

What to Expect When Travelling During COVID Times, and Ensuring a COVID Safe Vacation

The world was turned upside down when the COVID-19 pandemic broke out and the virus reached all corners of the globe. Travel restrictions and closing borders followed suit as each country and region attempted to control the spread. As a result, travel and tourism fell to a standstill. Now, as the world slowly opens up again and restrictions are lifted, the prospect of a holiday is possible again. The question now becomes what will be the experience of travelling during COVID times?

In general, travel during COVID times will remain limited and will vary incrementally to become more accessible, depending on each country’s own capacity to control the pandemic within their borders. On top of that, expectations on protocols, increased documentation and more will likely create a more tedious experience for destinations and travellers alike.
But it’s not all bad news. Things are beginning to open up, and where there is a will, there is a way! So, it looks like travel 2021 is certainly on the table.
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• How Will Our Travel Habits Change
• What is Conscious Travel, and How Does it Affect Travelling During COVID?
• Going on Vacation During COVID Times
• Where to Travel in 2021 During COVID Times: Is Bali an Option?
• A New Bali Experience
• When You’re Ready: Bali Vacation Packages 2021

Travel 2021: The Slow Awakening

The travel and tourism industry has taken a big hit. Being ‘dormant’ for a good amount of time has forced many industries and tourist destinations to adjust how they always operated, and new traveller expectations (as well as fears) are likely to demand a new format.

Firstly, travelling during COVID in 2021 is going to see a very slow expansion of available destinations. This is likely to start regionally, within countries, as domestic travel will help test the capacity for areas to remain safe as the industry returns.

After this, we will see travel corridors beginning to open between countries that have made an official agreement on policy, safety expectations etc. These currently exist mainly for business and diplomatic travellers but remain limited to leisure travellers.

On top of all this, there will surely be increased measurements and protocols that travellers will have to abide by and travel industries will have to implement. For the industry, this will mean reducing touchpoints, queuing, having appropriate checkpoints and testing facilities, as well as social distancing. The traveller will also have to abide by the rules at each ‘point’ in their travel, from airports to hotels, following expectations on wearing a mask, sanitation etc along the way.

The traveller should be prepared for a little more bureaucracy than before. As travelling during COVID times remains limited, each trip will require more assurances and more hoops to jump through. This means knowing what documents are required to travel, double-checking on changing visa requirements and regulations and not to mention the different quarantine regulations on arrival each country will have. This means the traveller should really do more research before going anywhere on holiday, and be as fully prepared as possible.

It goes without saying that even though travel 2021 is starting to open up, with covid-19 vaccinations being rolled out, people will still seek COVID-safe vacation destinations. Thus, controlling case numbers is still a prerequisite for any travel destination. There will certainly be expectations of good health guidelines and protocols from both the destination and the traveller. Viceroy Bali certainly can be an option when Bali reopens for travelling, as the resort is verified with Clean, Health, Security & Environment (CHSE) and all the employees “fully vaccinated”.

How Will Our Travel Habits Change?

Firstly, as travel will initially begin more locally, expect to see a shift in transportation. In Indonesia for example, domestic travel has continued but those travelling during COVID have opted less for airline travel and have instead preferred to take personal vehicles to control the environment they are in and reduce interactions with others. Many of those going on Bali holidays in 2021 thus far have driven from cities in Java.

On that note, the new normal will also see people opt to travel in smaller groups. People remain concerned with travelling in large groups, and this is likely to affect large, packaged group tours. People will not want to travel with a group of strangers and will prefer to keep a tight-knit group of friends or family.

After being confined in their homes for more than a year, people will be hungry to visit wide-open spaces once they’ll be able to travel again. This will likely see an increased interest in outdoor and adventure travel 2021.

Travellers will be seeking the fresh air of nature, from pristine beaches and majestic mountains to national parks. Again, this has been seen in Indonesia as many city-dwellers are travelling during COVID so that they can take advantage of Bali’s open spaces and natural experiences. Outdoor experiences – and not dense cities – make travellers feel safer.

Because journeys are likely to be more tedious, not to mention the possibility of quarantines at both ends, travellers will likely opt for longer holidays to make any trip more worth it. Quick three-day escapes aren’t going to be as feasible, or as worth it. We’ll see longer trips, perhaps from two weeks to even a month, as travellers make the most of a journey.

There is a serious upside to longer trips, as travellers will begin to adopt the benefits of what is called ‘slow travel’. Prior to the pandemic, travel was easy and fast, and often quantity was better than quality. Go to as many places as possible, to take photos and move on, in as short a time as possible. Longer trips will have people truly absorbing their chosen destination and seeing more of it. Using Bali as an example, quick Instagram-focused day trips were all the rage, but with slow travel, people can explore, learn and discover the island deeper with more time on their hands.

Slow travel and conscious travel are important because it emphasises connection to the local people, culture, history, culinary, arts, food and more. It relies on the idea that the purpose of a trip is to educate and retain an emotional impact, in the present and for the future, whilst remaining sustainable for local communities and the environment.

Adopting Slow and Conscious Travel

Along with adopting slow travel, we are likely to witness a growth in conscious travel as well. Conscious travel is being aware of the impact and opportunities in travel, both as hosts and visitors, and taking measures to cultivate the best possible outcomes for all. It is travelling with one’s conscience and making a connection with others in a specific place. It is when empathy and exploration go hand-in-hand. Conscious travel encourages a greater understanding of people and place, especially when you are away from home. It happens when visitors are aware of their actions.

The pandemic has sparked a lot of introspection and personal growth, and thus travellers are likely to be very mindful of where they want to travel and why. For travelling during COVID times, this may take the form of travelling to be part of something, give something back (provide value), or even learn something. With increased travel durations, this allows travellers to go beyond pure leisure experiences and immerse themselves in a cause, be it for themselves, a community or perhaps the environment.

This also goes hand-in-hand with sustainable travel, set to become a driving force in the future of the industry. As travellers become more aware of sustainable travel, they’ll be more conscious of reducing their carbon footprint. If there’s one silver lining of the pandemic is that consumers are doubling down on sustainability.

Where to Travel During COVID Times: Is Bali an Option?

With all the aforementioned points in mind, travelling during COVID depends on (a) where you’re coming from (b) where you’re planning to go (c) how much time you have to travel.

Some countries’ borders will remain closed, others will have strict quarantine measures, either to enter but also to return to your own country. So, the WHERE depends completely on what is available from the travellers’ location.
As for Bali, international borders into Indonesia remain closed for leisure tourists (at time of writing), though an exception is taken for the B211b Visa, or Business Visa, that allows entry into the country for specific purposes. However, the current plan is to open the borders in Q4-2021 (likely to a limited degree).

Tanah Lot, Bali is one of the ideal destinations for travelling during COVID Times
Tanah Lot, Bali is one of the ideal destinations for travelling during COVID Times

Is Bali ready for new normal travel?

With so many false starts to Bali’s international tourism, the industry has certainly been prepared for the opening of borders.

Many hotels and restaurants have reopened with social distancing implemented and the new normal protocols intact to ensure the safety of its residents and visitors. Public areas are equipped with hand sanitiser stations and thermal scanners, and people wearing a mask when in public spaces. Touchpoints and queuing areas are reduced to prevent the spread of coronavirus. So, if you’re planning a vacation during COVID, Bali is a pretty ideal choice for a getaway.

Indonesians, as well as foreigners living in the country, have been travelling during COVID and taken advantage of COVID safe vacation experience that Bali provides. The island is also part of the priority region for COVID vaccinations, in order to secure Bali from international arrivals. Government is developing ‘green zones’ for tourists, to give tourists a safe area in which to stay and enjoy the island. These currently include Ubud, Sanur and Nusa Dua, but how these green zones will operate is yet to be explained.

A New Bali Experience: Where to Travel During COVID

When travel does open again in Bali, it will certainly be a new way to experience the island as the new normal protocols will be implemented in every place. The good news is that the huge crowds of tourists, especially the group packages and buses, will no longer be plaguing the roads and popular sights. On the other hand, a few hotels, restaurants and beach clubs may remain closed.

The island has also taken a new approach to their tourism goals by creating a focus on quality tourism instead of quantity — this means the end of mass tourism. What does that mean for the people that do come to Bali? It means enjoying a Bali vacation without the crowds.

Bali’s most famous temples, like Tanah Lot and Uluwatu, without the crowds; Bali’s best surf spots, without the crowds; climbing Mt.Batur or exploring beautiful waterfalls, without the crowds; exploring the beauty of Ubud town, without the crowds.

Even now, Bali continues to have some life, sustained by residents and domestic tourists. With a controlled level of tourism, Bali will have an ideal mix of life and excitement without the burdensome and discomfort of large groups and hordes. Bali continues to offer its amazing mixture of art and culture, museums, dining experiences, yoga and wellness, outdoor adventure and luxury lifestyle.

Viceroy Bali, one of the best resorts in Ubud with 40 luxurious pool villas
Viceroy Bali, one of the best resorts in Ubud with 40 luxurious pool villas

When You’re Ready: Bali Vacation Packages 2021

When it comes to accommodation, Viceroy Bali is one of the best resorts you can find in Ubud, or even Bali when travelling during COVID. This five-star resort is a secluded tropical sanctuary set amidst the lush jungles of Ubud. Meticulously designed to present an exquisite expression of Balinese authenticity with impeccable service and attention to detail, this resort features 40 luxurious pool villas with excellent facilities including Apéritif Restaurant & Bar, Cascades Restaurant and Lembah Spa.

As you plan your visit, you will want to know more about travelling to Bali under the new normal. Rest assured, Viceroy Bali adheres to the Ministry of Tourism’s guidelines and implements COVID-19 commitment to ensure that your stay with us is exceptional, memorable and safe.

For safety, Viceroy Bali has made a mandatory requirement for tourists (including those who have completed the prescribed dose(s) of a covid-19 vaccinations) to present a negative PCR test for COVID-19 prior to entry into Bali.
When you’re able to visit this year, you’ll be able to take advantage of the amazing 2021 Bali Vacation Packages. Viceroy Bali has multiple promotions on offer, depending on your preference, including ‘Working Remotely from Bali’, ‘Stay 5 Pay 4’, ‘Bali Dreamer’, and ‘Last Minute Holiday Deal’ promos. To find out more, visit
Now we wait in anticipation for the borders to slowly open, meanwhile, you should be planning and researching the best ways to travel during COVID, finding the next available destination for a COVID safe vacation. Consider what you can achieve in your travels to make them more meaningful and special.

Why Bali holidays is the Ultimate Escape When Travel Resumes

Why Bali Holidays is the Ultimate Escape When Travel Resumes

Pictures by Kilarov Zaneit - Unsplash

Seven Reasons Why Bali Holidays is the Best Post-Pandemic Vacation

Travels, holidays… these seem like such distant concepts to us right now, especially the idea of international travel. Yet, they continue to float at the back of everyone’s mind, the yearning for that escape when borders open up again. The question is, what kind of holiday will people be after? What kind of holiday will people need? We believe that Bali holidays are the best remedy for the post-pandemic traveller: a destination that offers everything you need to discover, feel free, relax, heal, immerse into nature and melt away the stresses built up over the many months. Bali, known as the Island of the Gods, is a luscious green paradise, a romantic escape and the ultimate destination for a fun trip with friends. Its sheer natural beauty of looming volcanoes, lush greenery and spectacular flowing waterfalls make Bali travel a must on any adventurer’s bucket list.

Here are just a few reasons why a Bali travel will make for the best post-pandemic escape.

A Love for Bali Culture

Balinese culture

Firstly, a post-pandemic destination should be somewhere that feels entirely different from where you live. Bali, with its rich culture, offers a staggeringly unique atmosphere to experience.

After being stuck in the same room, same city, same region for so long, to descend upon an island that is filled with daily rituals, colourful ceremonies and almost palpable magic in the air, Bali holidays allow you to re-enter the richness of humanity. There is deep serenity that comes from the religious practices and beliefs of the Balinese Hindu; one that has helped many – even visitors –  feel a sense of peace and meaning during their time on the island. An important ‘realignment’ that we all need after such strenuous and unprecedented times.

The Balinese culture expands beyond just prayer and ritual. It is comprised of a vibrant array of visual and performing arts as well. Balinese art, dance, music, architecture and artisanal handicrafts are all part and parcel of the Bali travel experience. To openly explore the Bali museums, workshops and studios of local creatives is a great reminder to the inspiring human spirit, allowing us to reconnect with people once again.

Exploring History Through Bali Temples

Tirta Empul Temple

Another reason why Bali holidays will make a good post-pandemic escape is the incredible history found on this island. Like the medieval castles of Europe, Bali temples are a testament to its past. To explore the island’s most important religious sites – like the Sad Kahyangan Jagad or the six holiest places of worship on Bali – is to delve deep into the island’s history and the roots of Balinese heritage. From Bali’s ancient archaeological sites, like the cliff-cut shrines of Gunung Kawi (11th Century) to the stunning floating temple of Tanah Lot, each temple presents its own special charm and intriguing history.

A ‘Bali vacation’ is more than just a vacation. It can be an immersive journey if you choose. For example, Bali’s holy water temples like Tirta Empul and Tirta Sudamala invite anyone to cleanse their mind, body and soul through the traditional Melukat ritual. The ritual asks participants to submerge in the holy spring pools of these temples, to be blessed by a Balinese Hindu priest, lay offerings and allow blessed flowing fountains to cleanse personal impurities. This is just one cultural Bali travel experience that you can take part in, to feel renewed and revitalised, the Balinese way.

Further to that, many of the revered Bali temples are also found in jaw-dropping locations. History states that the founders of these temples felt a strong, spiritual connection to each area and were thus compelled to create places of worship to honour the gods. Examples include Uluwatu Temple that perches high on a cliff’s edge, towering hundreds of metres above the crashing waves of the Indian Ocean; or Besakih Temple, Bali’s mother temple that climbs up the Southside of the majestic Mt.Agung. Visitors are also likely to feel a sense of magic in these destinations.

Bali’s Natural Environment

For lovers of the great outdoors, Bali holidays is the ultimate playground. From the coast to the summit, the island of the gods is home to myriad landscapes to discover. Exploring the island’s rural landscapes is the ultimate liberation, to reignite that sense of adventure.

Jatiluwih Rice Terrace by @chicca_wanderlust86

So, what exactly is there to explore? You can walk through 600 hectares of rice fields at Jatiluwih, also known as Bali’s ‘rice bowl’ or the legendary Ceking Rice Terraces found just north of Ubud. You can climb the many mountains and volcanoes, including Mount. Batur found at the centre of an ancient caldera; or Mount. Abang, the highest peak of this caldera’s ridge; and of course Mount. Agung itself, towering 3,142m above sea level. Jungles and forests are found in central Bali, thick, dense foliage that brings you deep into the island’s natural centre where a peaceful silence takes over. Many of these forests surround Bali’s great lakes, such as Lake Buyan in North Bali where the air breathes a highland cool; or the giant Lake Batur, sandwiched between the volcano and the caldera’s towering edge — also home to the Trunyan Village where a community of indigenous Balinese live.

Those who want more of an adventure on their Bali holidays can choose to cycle downhill from North Bali or raft the rapids on Bali’s great rivers that cut right through deep ravines and gorges. For those in need of more an adrenaline rush can even dirt bike through jungles or take four-wheeled drivers over the lava-encrusted landscape of Batur.

Bali’s Best Waterfalls

Bali Waterfall

One of the most popular outdoor experiences is hunting for waterfalls in Bali. There are hundreds of these gorgeous natural features dotted around the island, often found in secluded spots deep within a forested area. They are a perfect escape into nature, often involving a small trek into the lush valleys, down to the river bed, where the cooling waters of the falls cascade into an inviting plunge pool.

Bali waterfalls come in all shapes and sizes. The larger falls like Sekumpul Waterfall and Tegunungan Waterfall are majestic sites, towering high above you, a humbling experience. Other smaller falls like Git Git Waterfall or Niagara Waterfall are quaint destinations, where nothing exists but the peaceful pools and trickling waterfalls, all enclosed and secluded by the surrounding jungle vegetation. Making your way to one of the island’s many waterfalls is a must in your Bali vacation experience.

Beaches of Bali

What is the point of going to an island if you don’t enjoy its beaches? This island’s coastline is particularly diverse too, making choosing which is the ‘best’ Bali beach an impossible task! Book a long enough Bali holiday and you may be able to explore enough to make your decision.

Beaches of Bali

On Bali’s southern peninsula you’ll find the idyllic white sand and blue waters. Uluwatu has perhaps the most dramatic coastline, where the beaches are accessed at the bottom of majestic cliffs. The likes of Suluban Beach, Bingin Beach and Padang Padang are a surfers paradise, with professional-level waves barreling above the reef. But did you know, The closing scene of Eat, Pray, Love was shot at Padang Padang, on south Bali’s Bukit Peninsula. While the calm shores of Nusa Dua and Sanur are where families escape to.

In certain areas, like Southwest Bali and East Bali, you’ll come across something special: a black beach! Here the black sand, a mix from Bali’s volcanic minerals, makes for a unique coastal experience. You can find these black sand beaches at Nyanyi Beach, Kedungu Beach or Cemagi Beach (southwest); also at Kusumba Beach (east), where you’ll also find Bali’s traditional sea salt farmers.

Experience a Ceremony or Bali Festival

For the most profound experience during your Bali vacation, one that will truly bring you face-to-face with a living, breathing culture, time your Bali holidays around an upcoming ceremony or Bali festival. It is during these ceremonies you will witness the true meaning of devotion, whereby the most elaborate displays are shown.

Galungan and Kuningan

Every 210 days, the Galungan and Kuningan Days are held. This is celebrated island-wide by Balinese Hindus, whereby temples are decorated in full colour and pomp, and the devotees will huddle into the temples with offerings galore to pray en masse. Once a year you will have Nyepi, Bali’s day of silence, which is an experience in itself when the whole island is dark and silent for a full 24 hours. This is prefaced by two important rituals, firstly the Melasti cleansing ceremonies when huge lines of devotees travel from temples in procession to cleanse their artefacts; then the Ogoh-Ogoh Parade, where giant effigies of demons are paraded on the street, alongside fire, music and procession!

Last But Not Least: Enjoying Luxury Accommodation in Bali

Of course, after all the exploring, discovery, adventure, cultural immersion and more, it’s important to have somewhere to completely relax and unwind. After all, what are Bali holidays without being able to slip into a private infinity pool villa that overlooks a verdant river valley?

Viceroy Bali is one such luxury accommodation in Bali. Cascading down a palm-lined valley on the north side of Ubud, this family-owned resort has added a personal touch to the 5-star experience. This tropical sanctuary, home to palatial suites and villas, merges Balinese authenticity with luxury travel, which helped it win Condé Nast Travellers #1 Resort in the World (2018).

Viceroy Bali panoramic view

Viceroy Bali’s views over the ‘Valley of the Kings’ is enjoyed by the resort’s high-end spa, gourmet al-fresco restaurant and iconic infinity pool. Bali’s most revered fine-dining destination, Apéritif Bali, is also found within the resort’s compound, meaning an unforgettable dining experience is just around the corner. Extraordinary food and beverage, a spa to relax in, a villa to retreat to… is there anything else you need during your Bali vacation?

When international travel finally resumes, people will be in search of new experiences, a destination that bursts with life and colour, where nature abounds and accessible, where adventure is right around the corner and the people beam with heartfelt smiles. If the above reasons haven’t convinced you that Bali holidays provide all of this, that’s only because this is but the tip of the iceberg on what a Bali travel experience can offer.

Whether you’re hoping to feel free and liberated in the great outdoors, discover the wonders of nature; or sink into a warm and bubbling jacuzzi in your private villa sanctuary; there’s no doubt that a Bali vacation is what you need.

About Viceroy Bali

Ever wonder what it is like to stay at one of the most iconic resorts in Ubud? You should definitely visit us as Viceroy Bali, a family-owned and operated resort, a unique proposition for luxury 5-star hotels in Bali. Situated only a 5-minute drive from Ubud, Bali’s bustling cultural and spiritual capital, the property is a secluded haven for those with refined tastes. Each villa offers a private, heated infinity pool overlooking a spectacular jungle ravine known as Valley of the Kings. Every detail of this tropical sanctuary has been meticulously designed to provide an extraordinary expression of Balinese authenticity whilst also being world-class. Viceroy is the only Bali luxury resort to have won the Condé Nast Traveller accolade of #1 Resort in the World (2018).

How to make the most of Christmas in Bali

Christmas in Bali

Christmas in Bali Ambiance

Chances are, Bali probably isn’t the first place you think of when you think ‘Christmas.’ The snow is non-existent, the festive decorations are minimal compared to Western countries and it’s way too hot for Santa suits. But if you do happen to find yourself on the island for the festive season, there are plenty of excellent ways to make the most of it. Not only is it the perfect place to slow down during an often frantic time, but the island is actually far less crowded with tourists over Christmas. Plus, many locals, restaurants and resorts do actually get into the Christmas spirit, with some Western traditions and a few of their own.

Read on for 7 ways to make the most of Christmas in Bali.

7 ways to spend Christmas in Bali

You may not be able to catch any glistening snow in Bali, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have a ‘white’ Christmas in Bali! While Bali is mainly known for its black or brown sand beaches, there are a few where you can find white sand. You could use Christmas Day as an occasion to take a day trip to the beautiful island of West Nusa Tenggara. Famous for its white pristine sand, turquoise waters and great diving, the island is easily accessible via a 2 hour ferry ride. On the mainland, you can also find white sand beaches in the Southern region of Nusa Dua. Transport to either of these destinations can easily be organized by the Viceroy Bali.

Spending Christmas time in Bali

Go shopping

Christmas Shopping in Bali

Where could be better to do your last minute Christmas shopping for your loved ones (or yourself!) then Bali. From traditional markets and unique boutiques to department stores and factory outlets, there’s no shortage of places to nab yourself a bargain. In the Ubud area, there are countless markets that sell art, crafts and other knick knacks that make great gifts. Meanwhile, Canggu is great for surf shops and cool boutiques, while Kuta and Denpasar are great for bigger department stores.

Have a seafood feast on Christmas Eve

Christmas Culinary in Bali

If you’re an Aussie, you’re probably accustomed to eating seafood on Christmas Eve. Thankfully, you can continue this tradition in Bali, with the island offering some of the world’s freshest and tastiest seafood. Jimbaran Bay on Bali’s southwestern coast is famous for its seafood restaurants, where you can enjoy the beach sunset while tucking into a delicious Christmas eve feast. At the 5-star CasCades Restaurant at Viceroy Bali, you can enjoy a gourmet seafood feast including lobster, octopus, prawns and fish amidst the lush jungle canopy.

Go to a beach club

Bali Beach Club When Christmas Comes

There’s no better time to visit a Bali beach club than Christmas day, with many venues getting into the Christmas spirit. Sundays Beach Club in Uluwatu holds a ‘Christmas on the Beach’ event, with a tasty festive menu featuring maple glazed pork and summer berry pudding and a bonfire on the beach. Meanwhile, Folk Pool and Garden in Ubud is hosting a beachside Christmas in Bali cookout on December 25th, where you can chill out and enjoy a BBQ feast and some cocktails.

Have a traditional Christmas lunch

Traditional Christmas Lunch in Bali

You don’t have to forgot your home-cooked Christmas lunch just because you’re in Bali! There are plenty of restaurants and bars around the island that serve up a traditional roast. Jemme in Seminyak is famous for its roast, with turkey, pork, dinner all on the menu. Roasted Di Canggu also cooks up hearty roasts, which you can enjoy in the restaurant or take away for a beach picnic. In Ubud, Copper Kitchen and Bar is hosting a rooftop 6-course Christmas lunch, accompanied with Christmas tunes by the Angklung kids choir.

Enjoy chilled Eggnog

Chilled Eggno in Bali

Eggnog is a Christmas Day staple that is best served chilled — meaning you can still enjoy this tradition in the tropical climate! Copper Kitchen and Bar in Ubud will be serving up a refreshing peppermint eggnog mocktail with egg white, north pole cream, cinnamon and nutmeg essence, as well as a couple of festive cocktails. Meanwhile, IBU SUSU Bar and Kitchen near the monkey forest is known for serving up some of the island’s best ice-cold eggnog.

Watch the fireworks

watch Christmas & New Year fireworks in Bali

In Balinese culture, it’s believed that fireworks can ward off evil spirits. So, the locals will take any opportunity for pyrotechnic celebration and Christmas is no exception! Most of the biggest beaches come alive with the technicolour sparks on both Christmas Eve and day. But for a truly spectacular show, head to one of the island’s Western-facing beaches to watch see the fireworks against the pastel sunset.

Relax at your resort

While Christmas in Western countries can be a chaotic time filled with frantic gift shopping and family commitments, your tropical vacation is the perfect opportunity to wind down and enjoy the festive season. With many hotels holding Christmas in Bali events, you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your resort to soak up the festive spirit. Lazy around your luxurious private villa at the Viceroy Bali and venture out for a Christmas brunch or buffet when it suits you — or order to your room! Book your room at the Viceroy Bali here.

10 Bali travel tips for an amazing experience

Bali Travel Tips

At the Viceroy Bali, we know what it takes to create an amazing, luxurious Bali experience. When you travel to Bali, there are endless options of activities for you to indulge in your curiosities, flaunt your adventurous side and to rejuvenate your soul. So grab a glass of wine and let us give you some top Bali travel tips to give you an experience you won’t forget.


Don’t be in a hurry to chase around tour groups and weave your way through the bustling main towns of Bali looking for landmarks. Instead, take the time out to relax and nourish your body. How long has it been since you read a good book by the pool, listened to the delicate sounds of nature or watched the sun rays through the window as you sip on a tea or enjoyed your most favourite foods?

honeymoon couple

Book a private villa

A private villa will give your body and mind the space it needs to relax and feel luxurious. Look for a villa that includes a private pool so that you may take a dip at your own leisure. Our accommodation is one of the best Bali travel tips to give you an unforgettable experience.

Do Yoga

Give your body the movement it craves and take a Balinese yoga class. Better yet, take a private yoga class outside so that you may get the full benefit of yoga infused with nature.

Lembah Spa Outdoor Massage

Get a massage

Abandon all the tightness and stress in your body by receiving multiple Balinese massages during your stay. An ideal time to get a massage is in the afternoon or evening so that you can be completely relaxed as you drift away to sleep after a long day of doing absolutely nothing at all. Lembah spa is recommended spa on Bali travel tips to give you best body treatment experience.

Eat well

Aperitif restaurant & bar - dinning

There are so many options and varieties for cuisine in Bali. Don’t limit yourself to eating the same food every day during your holiday. Try as many unique dishes as you can to get the full taste experience of Bali

Experience the local Balinese culture

Once you have finished relaxing, stretching and nourishing your inner food connoisseur. Get outside and find activities where you can experience the beautiful and exotic Balinese culture. Be open to seeing their traditions, religion, music and iconic dances.

Visit in the ‘dry’ season

Unless you love rain, we recommend coming to Bali between April and September. This is the time of year where you are likely to experience sunnier, tropical days.

ubud bali activities resort

Book some day trips

There is so much to do and experience in Bali. Book your experiences in advance to give you something to do when you are finished relaxing. Alternatively, when you stay at the Viceroy Bali you can book some activities with us just by coming to the main lobby the day before your chosen activity.

Day Trips booking to Bali

Pick the right accommodation

As one of our most important Bali travel tips, you want to select a place where you can get the exact experience you want from your trip. In our blog ‘6 Star Luxury Resorts Bali: What to look for when booking your dream holiday’ we have some tips on what to look for when picking where to stay.

If you would like to experience the best activities and things to do in Bali, please contact us and Book your stay at the Viceroy Bali today. The team at Viceroy Bali are always on hand with tips, guides and suggestions throughout your stay or you’re just looking for something new to do! Make sure that Viceroy Bali is on the list when you searching for Bali travel tips.

6 Star Luxury Resorts Bali: What to Look For When Booking Your Dream Holiday

Bali Luxury Resorts

So, you’re looking for the perfect Bali luxury resorts to stay at for your next trip to Bali, but you can discern between those that say they’re luxury and those that really are? You type into google “6 star Bali luxury resorts ” and then you are inundated with so many different options all calling out to you saying “Pick me! Pick me!” But which do you choose? With all of these options, it’s hard to know what will give you the best experience for your amazing luxury holiday escape. Here are a few points of what to look for when booking 6 star Bali luxury resorts.

Vice regal villa pool area with jungle view in ubud

Do Research on Reputable Travel websites and Blogs

It’s a good idea to only trust reputable travel websites and blogs as some can be packed with fake reviews. These are usually bought by competitor hotels who are aiming to bring down their competition or perk up their own reviews. Some travel blogs can be affiliated with certain hotels which means they may not have accurate information and also may not have even visited the hotel. Looking for a large range of reviews and blog articles with reputable travel websites such as Conde Nast Traveler or Black Tomato is a good place to start.

Research the Reviews

The first thing you should look at when booking 6 star luxury resorts Bali is the reviews. Websites such as Tripadvisor or can provide you with information on other travellers experiences of the resort and the more positive reviews the better. They are also a great way of painting a picture of what the resort itself will be like and the quality of customer service they provide to make your experience an incredible one. Tripadvisor has a zero tolerance on fake reviews so you are less likely to come across any in your travel research.

Look for Packages

When booking your hotel you should keep your eye out for packages as they can maximise your experience and minimise costs. At Viceroy Bali we offer some amazing, luxurious packages that will leave you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and can even add in that little extra romance if you are travelling with someone special.

Research the Facilities

Deluxe Terrace Villa from birdview

Depending on what experience you would like to get out of your stay, whether you still want to do your morning workout whilst on your holiday, you will need a gym, or if you want to be able to relax by the side of your own private swimming pool then we recommend researching the facilities of the resort you would like to stay in.

The Location

If adventuring out into the Balinese countryside is something that you have in your travel plans, then researching the location of the resort will help you plan what amazing attractions and experiences are nearby the location you will be staying in. Often staff will be able to help give recommendations on which places are the best to visit during your stay, or you can check out The best day trips from Ubud.

Dining With a View

There aren’t many things more romantic and wonderful than dining at a world class restaurant with a view. Research if the chosen resort has not only amazing food available to indulge in, but also a beautiful view to rest your eyes upon as the sun sets with a glass of your favorite beverage at hand. Cascades Restaurant and Aperitif Restaurant & Bar are most recommended.

Cascades Bali - jungle view

To find out further information about what Viceroy Bali, feel free to browse our website for the experiences and packages that we offer. If you have any further questions please visit our contact page, we look forward to having you as our guest.

Why Ubud is the Best Area to Stay in Bali for your Luxury Getaway

Best Area to Stay in Bali

A serene paradise of healing and relaxation. Ubud is the best area to stay in Bali and for so many reasons, no matter your reason for travel or length of stay. It is the cultural heartland of Bali and provides insight into the magical Balinese way of life that would not be possible when staying in more touristy areas. With its abundance of ornate and ageing temples, lush green rice paddies and dense, wild jungles; Ubud really is the best area to stay in Bali.

Bali Farmer

Location, location, location

At 1.5 hours from the airport, Ubud is an ideal destination for those seeking a luxury getaway that leaves the hustle and bustle of the southern beaches behind. It is home to many of Bali’s main attractions, including the Ubud Monkey Forest where you can get up close to the local Balinese long-tailed monkey, and the Agung Rai Museum of Art where you can experience local art, sculptures, dances, music and other unique performances.

Experience the adventure

Ubud gives travellers the convenience of being able to rejuvenate in their luxury resort but also the flexibility to partake in easy day trips to Bali’s main cultural and natural attractions. These include going to ancient temples, snorkelling, hiking through jungles and waterfalls or up active volcanoes. You can even book a helicopter tour over the volcano and through the lakes region, taking off from Viceroy Bali.

Aperitif restaurant and bar - oyster

A taste of paradise

There is a tantalizing array of dining options in Ubud, making it the best area to stay in Bali for those of you who travel in part for the ultimate culinary experience. The Ubud Food Festival is just one of the yearly events expressing the passion and love for Balinese food. The Ubud Food Festival only happens once a year in April, but if you’re visiting at another time of year, it is easy to check out Ubud’s best eats for every occasion. When it comes to fine dining, Ubud is at the Bali forefront of imaginative and world-class dining, with restaurants such as CasCades, Blanco par Mandif and, soon to open, Apéritif restaurant and bar.

Just what the doctor ordered

Another reason for Ubud being the best area to stay in Bali is that it is a centre for healing. Ubud is said to derive from the word Ubad which means medicine. It is said to be a place of spiritual inspiration, where you can seek the benefits of Balinese traditional medicine, yoga and massage.

Overall Ubud, Bali is a sophisticated place with plentiful options of activities and experiences available for all. Being one of the filming locations for Eat, Pray, Love, it is an iconic place of beauty and tranquility that is well worth the visit.

Ubud, Bali is home to our very own Viceroy Bali luxury resorts. We have deluxe private villas available for those who want to have a relaxing holiday or celebrate a romantic occasion. Book with us today for an unforgettable and luxurious experience.

Additionally, if you have any questions about our resort or nearby attractions, we will be happy to answer your questions. Contact us for more information.

The best time to visit Bali

The best time to visit Bali

While Bali is warm all year-round, there are pro’s and con’s to travelling at different times throughout the year, and different activities to match! Being so close to the equator means there are only two seasons – wet and dry – but there’s plenty to do and see in both. Find the best time to visit Bali from the table below.

Bali Holiday Infograph
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When is the best time to visit Bali?

The Dry Season (May – October)

Travelling in the dry season brings warm, blue skies and cool winds in the evening – with less humidity and amazing surf breaks too (as well as calmer waters for diving!). It’s a great time for hikes and getting outdoors, but it’s busy – real busy. Because of it’s great climate, everyone wants to be there. Shops, restaurants and bars are packed, and hotel prices inflated to match. Our pick for the best months to book? May, June and September – and avoid those school holidays!

What’s on in the Dry Season?

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The Wet Season (November – April)

Humidity and endless searches for air conditioning will be a priority during the wet season, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great time to travel. With a lot less tourists in the region, villas offering discounts for the low season – it can be a great time for a cheap, relaxed getaway. While it may remain hot (with an average 31 degrees most days), the rain will fall and skies overcast – with December and January the most rainy months. Stay indoors with guilt-free spa days, join a cooking class, or take advantage of the excess water and try your hand at white water rafting!

What’s on in the Wet Season? The Wet Season (November – April)

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So, what’s important to you?

Surfing – April – September
Good Weather –
April – October
Beaches and Sun –
April – October
No Tourists –
November – April (excluding Christmas & New Year period)
On a budget –
February – early June + October – early December
Diving –
September – November
Outdoor activities –
May – September

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Our pick for the best time?