Bali Cultural Package

Go to a high priestess house on cultural bali package
Go to a high priestess house on cultural bali package

Why Choose Viceroy Bali for Your
cultural package in Ubud?

Viceroy Bali, nestled in Bali's cultural heartland, offers an unparalleled experience that combines the luxurious five-star essence of the hotel with an exploration and immersion into Balinese culture and lifestyle. Our exclusive cultural packages provide a rare opportunity to discover unseen and lesser-known corners of Bali.

As Bali's tourist popularity has surged, we've dedicated ourselves to highlighting an authentic side of the island, steering away from the typical 'tourist traps' often glamorized on the internet or Instagram. These spots, while visually striking online, tend to attract large crowds of tourists, undermining the essence of genuine cultural immersion.

Delve deeper into our special cultural packages, ranging from 3 to 5 nights. Key highlights include a day 'in the footsteps of the Balinese,' offering insights into authentic Balinese arts and daily local life, all within the residence of a high priestess. Experience our Balinese Royal Rijsttafel lunch at CasCades and indulge in a privately guided tour of Ubud's most renowned temples.

Cultural Bali Package Inclusions

minimum 3 night stay

  • Full day private 'In the footsteps of the Balinese' experience
  • Half day privately guided tour of Ubud's main temples and sights
  • A sixty minute couples balinese massage in a private treatment room at Akoya Spa
  • Stay 4 nights in additon to the above:
  • Half day experience of your choice: Painting lesson with Balinese artist/ Balinese Blessing / Personalised Herbal product making lesson
  • Stay 5 nights in additon to the above:
  • Half day private Volkswagen tour including rice paddies and a coffee plantation experience

The 'real' Bali

Bali is going through a period of change, as it modernises and develops, especially around tourism sites. With the rise of social media and geotagging, once quiet places known around Ubud have become magnets for day trips. But, with a little hard work, we’ve reached the quiet hidden parts of Ubud and surrounding region to offer you a glimpse into the way real Balinese people live. It’s so special that we ask our guests not to post the location on social media.

Balance of Time

We understand that this is your holiday, and we’ve found too many guests are coming to Ubud to for just 2 nights, doing a full day tour and then leaving again. Ubud has so much to offer and you’ll want time to enjoy the wonderful facilities, so we have made these packages 3 nights minimum to give you space to do as you wish whilst enjoying the cultural activities. We’ve also built in a complimentary spa treatment at Akoya Spa.

Feeling connected to Bali

Viceroy Bali is a rare gem, with many international hotels taking precedence over the island. Many of the staff have worked here since it’s opening in 2005 and it’s our absolute goal to make your feel connected to the environment, people and yourself whilst staying here. Our service level is refined, yet personal and you’ll see how many guests write reviews naming staff that have made their stay so special. Alongside the tours included in your cultural package, many of the team here will bring Bali to life through their stories and natural and engaging way of sharing their experiences.

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