What Is the Most Luxury Area in Bali?

Bali is synonymous with luxury. Some areas of this tropical island boast opulent beachfront resorts and others offer lush jungle hideaways. But, amidst this perplexing abundance, the most luxury area in Bali is Ubud.

Ubud isn’t merely another luxury hotspot. It has a unique allure beyond extravagance that makes it stand out. This blog explains how. 

5 Reasons Why Ubud Is the Most Luxury Area in Bali

  1. Luxury Villas, Resorts and Hotels

Ubud’s lavish accommodations amidst serene nature and world-class hospitality epitomise the pinnacle of opulence in Bali. 

Ubud’s luxury resorts and hotels are sophisticated sanctuaries, nestled amidst unparalleled nature like lush rainforests, manicured gardens, breathtaking valleys, glistening waterfalls and picturesque terraced rice paddies. These retreats offer a unique and exclusive staying experience that is unique to Ubud.

You can opt for secluded luxury villas perched atop river valleys or lavish retreats overlooking breathtaking landscapes. Most of these properties offer refined indulgences like infinity pools, private butlers, personalised concierge services, and bespoke experiences catering to your every fancy. There is simply no other area in Bali offering this level of luxury coupled with an array of breathtaking scenery options. 

Moreover, many resorts in Ubud curate experiences like private guided tours, helicopter rides over Bali’s scenic landscapes, or immersive cultural activities led by local experts. These experiences add a touch of exclusivity to your luxury travel experience.

  1. High Level Dining Experiences

There are more fine dining restaurants in Ubud than any other area in Bali, making Ubud the culinary hotspot for those seeking excellent food.

Ubud’s dining scene is diverse and engaging. Here, you can indulge in casual street food as well as exquisite fine dining restaurants that are as excellent as Michelin-star restaurants. 

Many globally renowned chefs have made Ubud their home and teamed up with local culinary artisans to create unforgettable dining experiences. You can expect seven or eight-course degustation menus with an exhaustive collection of exquisite wines in quite a few restaurants in Ubud.

All of this means that when you’re in Ubud, you don’t just regale in innovative food inspired by Balinese flavours, you experience a holistic gastronomic journey.

  1. Unique Wellness Experiences

Ubud offers a refined selection of wellness experiences and luxurious shopping opportunities that redefine pampering.

While wellness retreats can be found throughout Bali, Ubud’s offerings are unmatched. 

What sets Ubud’s wellness experiences apart is not just the treatments themselves, but the entire ambience and attention to detail that accompany them. Here, wellness retreats are situated in serene settings. Perfectly pristine for self-reflection!

They combine ancient healing traditions with modern spa techniques. You can also indulge in exclusive amenities like private meditation pavilions and outdoor hot tubs, saunas and hot springs.This holistic approach is truly indulgent and transformative.

  1. Bali’s Best Designers

Ubud’s streets are lined with a diverse selection of luxury boutiques. Each offers a curated collection of high-end fashion, local designers, accessories and home décor. 

You can discover an impressive lineup of the latest creations from renowned fashion houses to timeless classics. From elegant eveningwear to chic casual attire, all apparel is crafted from the finest materials. Look for boutiques like Biasa; a luxury linen focused Bali-made brand or Paul Ropp; a luxury Bohemian inspired brand started in Bali.

Ubud’s exquisite jewellery stores offer a captivating selection of statement pieces and delicate accessories. They reflect the authentic and exclusive craftsmanship of Bali.

  1. Cultural and Artistic Opulence

Ubud offers a distinctive blend of cultural richness. We call this deep and authentic cultural immersion, Ubud’s unequalled luxury statement.

Generally speaking, cultural activities in a location are accessible to all. But Ubud elevates them to an unmatched level of refinement and exclusivity. In fact, Ubud has been coined the art centre of Bali, offering galleries with art, sculptures, carvings and paintings.

For instance, the prestigious ARMA Museum in Ubud showcases Balinese and Indonesian art. These artistic icons are a rare glimpse into the island’s artistic heritage. 

When you visit the ARMA Museum, you immerse yourself in centuries-old traditions and craftsmanship. Such experience offers a sense of prestige that exemplifies luxury travel.

In Ubud, you can’t miss the vibrant Ubud Art Market. It offers several locally crafted captivating artworks and souvenirs, unrivalled in craftsmanship. 

Each item in this market reflects Balinese artistry. It evokes a sense of pride and joy in ownership. These unique mementoes symbolise the luxury of possessing a piece of Balinese cultural heritage.

Luxury in Ubud is not merely about observing cultural traditions; it’s about actively participating in them. When you visit Ubud, you can feel free to engage in Balinese dance and music workshops. 

Such immersive engagement is as good as experiencing Balinese culture firsthand. It helps you recognise and appreciate the authentic local culture and enhances the overall luxury experience.

As a region, Ubud is a haven of cultural refinement. And, in this sense, it makes your experience luxurious.

Ubud Luxury at Viceroy Bali

Much like Ubud itself, Viceroy Bali epitomises luxury in its purest form. This luxury resort has captured the hearts of guests and garnered acclaim from purists for over a decade. Not only do guests consistently rate Viceroy Bali highly in their reviews, but we’ve also been honoured with prestigious awards for ten consecutive years.

So, how does Viceroy Bali breathe Ubud’s true luxury?

To start, our retreat offers 40 opulent villas located in Ubud. Each is adorned with traditional Balinese architecture and European-style furnishings. Featuring state-of-the-art technology, marble bathrooms, private heated pools, and expansive terraces, these villas provide the ultimate in luxury accommodation.

Throughout the stay, you can savour breathtaking views of the surrounding Balinese jungle against a backdrop of ever-changing hues in the sky from your villa. We call this experience a true immersion in Ubud’s natural beauty.

We extend our pampering through our immaculate round-the-clock service and fine dining. 

Our staff can assist you with excursion arrangements, dinner reservations, and personalised recommendations. We offer authentic Balinese experiences, like rejuvenating luxurious spa treatments, hands-on Balinese cooking classes, and serene private yoga sessions.

Speaking of cuisine, how can we miss mentioning our award-winning Apéritif Restaurant

This fine dining space takes you through an eclectic dining experience. You can tantalise your palate with any of our five degustation menus. From time to time, we delight our guests with unexpected treats. We invite Michelin-starred chefs to craft delightful tasting menus, infused with their unique specialties and culinary expertise.

And, in case you’re in Ubud for your honeymoon, then you’re in for a delectable surprise. Ask for our candlelight degustation menu which you can also avail of as part of our Bali honeymoon package

In essence, Viceroy Bali encapsulates everything that defines Ubud as a luxury locale — all within a single location. Why not experience it for yourself? Book your room now.

Amanda Syrowatka

Director of Viceroy Bali, Amanda has worked the last decade in the hospitality industry. Amanda loves all things Bali and specializes in luxury accommodation and experiences.

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