For A Luxurious, Lavish, Secluded Honeymoon Destination In Ubud, Look No Further Than Viceroy Bali.

When one hears the word ‘honeymoon’, there are a handful of places that automatically spring to mind; that might be the picture postcard private islands in the Maldives, or for those looking for something a little more cultural, they might pick cities like Paris or Venice. Or for the more adventurous the mountains of Costa Rica or Switzerland will be calling out.

However, it is no surprise that at the top of most honeymoon lists you’ll find the little island of Bali. With picturesque beaches, bustling culture centres and mountainous regions of its own, it offers a little bit of everything you could ever want in a Bali honeymoon.

Ubud Bali honeymoon

One of the most famous areas in Bali, and rightly so, is the region of Ubud. With its gorgeous jungle ravines, its iconic green paddies and incredible distinguished temples, Ubud is one of the most popular havens for visitors to Bali. It is the perfect combination of scenic beauty, adventure, and culture. Whether you and your loved one would prefer to spend the whole day in meditative peace, or to get immersed in pulse-raising activities, Ubud can and does offer it all.

Viceroy Bali Honeymoon Destination

Viceroy Bali Honeymoon Destination

At the top of every newlyweds’ accommodation options in Ubud should be Viceroy Bail: a family-owned Balinese gem that delivers ultra-luxury whilst overlooking a spectacular jungle ravine, known as the Valley of the Kings.

What sets Viceroy Bali apart from other 5 star hotels in Bali is the level of service and attention to detail; with over 190 staff for just 40 pool villas, they can anticipate your needs and personalise each stay, whilst maintaining your privacy. Not to mention the pristine gardens, private infinity pools and the luxury fine dining restaurants.

Every detail of this tropical haven has been meticulously designed to give honeymooners world-class luxury. From the moment you step into Viceroy Bali, the luxurious Balinese detail and stunning jungle vistas fill you with a sense that you are there to tick off one of your bucket list dreams; you’ll find tranquillity and relaxation to the core whilst being in total privacy.

An enviable location in Ubud; it really is the best of both worlds only being ten mintues drive from Ubud centre with it’s crafty shops, brilliant restaurants and famous culture sites, yet Viceroy is a santcuary in paradise surrounded by padi rice fields and jungle.

Captivating Honeymoon Experience

bali fine dining experience

To perfect your Bali honeymoon stay in Ubud, the onsite Apéritif bar and restaurant will not disappoint with a degustation menu that offers a dining experience which integrates and celebrates the long-standing European traditions of fine cuisine, culture, craftsmanship, and people.

They’ve worked tirelessly to incorporate local flavours with European finesse to create a divinely unique dining experience. After your meal, you might want to enjoy a digestif at the Bar where the staff will greet you with a traditionally Indonesian warm welcome and a large selection of classic and modern cocktails.

And, of course, a stay in Viceroy Bali would not be complete without treating you and your spouse to an a couples massages followed by a romantic bath at the Akoya Spa.

With all the time in the world to relax in your infinity pool or indulge in rejuvenating spa treatments, time will all but stand still in this luscious green paradise.

To book the Honeymoon Package at Viceroy Bali, or send an email to or call +62 361 971 777. 

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