Why Bali Holidays is the Ultimate Escape When Travel Resumes

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Seven Reasons Why Bali Holidays is the Best Vacation

Travels, holidays… these seem like such distant concepts to us right now, especially the idea of international travel. Yet, they continue to float at the back of everyone’s mind, the yearning for that escape when borders open up again. The question is, what kind of holiday will people be after? What kind of holiday will people need? We believe that Bali holidays are the best remedy for the post-pandemic traveller: a destination that offers everything you need to discover, feel free, relax, heal, immerse into nature and melt away the stresses built up over the many months. Bali, known as the Island of the Gods, is a luscious green paradise, a romantic escape and the ultimate destination for a fun trip with friends. Its sheer natural beauty of looming volcanoes, lush greenery and spectacular flowing waterfalls make Bali travel a must on any adventurer’s bucket list.

Here are just a few reasons why a Bali travel will make for the best post-pandemic escape.

A Love for Bali Culture

Balinese culture

Firstly, a post-pandemic destination should be somewhere that feels entirely different from where you live. Bali, with its rich culture, offers a staggeringly unique atmosphere to experience.

After being stuck in the same room, same city, same region for so long, to descend upon an island that is filled with daily rituals, colourful ceremonies and almost palpable magic in the air, Bali holidays allow you to re-enter the richness of humanity. There is deep serenity that comes from the religious practices and beliefs of the Balinese Hindu; one that has helped many – even visitors –  feel a sense of peace and meaning during their time on the island. An important ‘realignment’ that we all need after such strenuous and unprecedented times.

The Balinese culture expands beyond just prayer and ritual. It is comprised of a vibrant array of visual and performing arts as well. Balinese art, dance, music, architecture and artisanal handicrafts are all part and parcel of the Bali travel experience. To openly explore the Bali museums, workshops and studios of local creatives is a great reminder to the inspiring human spirit, allowing us to reconnect with people once again.

Exploring History Through Bali Temples

Tirta Empul Temple

Another reason why Bali holidays will make a good post-pandemic escape is the incredible history found on this island. Like the medieval castles of Europe, Bali temples are a testament to its past. To explore the island’s most important religious sites – like the Sad Kahyangan Jagad or the six holiest places of worship on Bali – is to delve deep into the island’s history and the roots of Balinese heritage. From Bali’s ancient archaeological sites, like the cliff-cut shrines of Gunung Kawi (11th Century) to the stunning floating temple of Tanah Lot, each temple presents its own special charm and intriguing history.

A ‘Bali vacation’ is more than just a vacation. It can be an immersive journey if you choose. For example, Bali’s holy water temples like Tirta Empul and Tirta Sudamala invite anyone to cleanse their mind, body and soul through the traditional Melukat ritual. The ritual asks participants to submerge in the holy spring pools of these temples, to be blessed by a Balinese Hindu priest, lay offerings and allow blessed flowing fountains to cleanse personal impurities. This is just one cultural Bali travel experience that you can take part in, to feel renewed and revitalised, the Balinese way.

Further to that, many of the revered Bali temples are also found in jaw-dropping locations. History states that the founders of these temples felt a strong, spiritual connection to each area and were thus compelled to create places of worship to honour the gods. Examples include Uluwatu Temple that perches high on a cliff’s edge, towering hundreds of metres above the crashing waves of the Indian Ocean; or Besakih Temple, Bali’s mother temple that climbs up the Southside of the majestic Mt.Agung. Visitors are also likely to feel a sense of magic in these destinations.

Bali’s Natural Environment

For lovers of the great outdoors, Bali holidays is the ultimate playground. From the coast to the summit, the island of the gods is home to myriad landscapes to discover. Exploring the island’s rural landscapes is the ultimate liberation, to reignite that sense of adventure.

Jatiluwih Rice Terrace by @chicca_wanderlust86

So, what exactly is there to explore? You can walk through 600 hectares of rice fields at Jatiluwih, also known as Bali’s ‘rice bowl’ or the legendary Ceking Rice Terraces found just north of Ubud. You can climb the many mountains and volcanoes, including Mount. Batur found at the centre of an ancient caldera; or Mount. Abang, the highest peak of this caldera’s ridge; and of course Mount. Agung itself, towering 3,142m above sea level. Jungles and forests are found in central Bali, thick, dense foliage that brings you deep into the island’s natural centre where a peaceful silence takes over. Many of these forests surround Bali’s great lakes, such as Lake Buyan in North Bali where the air breathes a highland cool; or the giant Lake Batur, sandwiched between the volcano and the caldera’s towering edge — also home to the Trunyan Village where a community of indigenous Balinese live.

Those who want more of an adventure on their Bali holidays can choose to cycle downhill from North Bali or raft the rapids on Bali’s great rivers that cut right through deep ravines and gorges. For those in need of more an adrenaline rush can even dirt bike through jungles or take four-wheeled drivers over the lava-encrusted landscape of Batur.

Bali’s Best Waterfalls

Bali Waterfall

One of the most popular outdoor experiences is hunting for waterfalls in Bali. There are hundreds of these gorgeous natural features dotted around the island, often found in secluded spots deep within a forested area. They are a perfect escape into nature, often involving a small trek into the lush valleys, down to the river bed, where the cooling waters of the falls cascade into an inviting plunge pool.

Bali waterfalls come in all shapes and sizes. The larger falls like Sekumpul Waterfall and Tegunungan Waterfall are majestic sites, towering high above you, a humbling experience. Other smaller falls like Git Git Waterfall or Niagara Waterfall are quaint destinations, where nothing exists but the peaceful pools and trickling waterfalls, all enclosed and secluded by the surrounding jungle vegetation. Making your way to one of the island’s many waterfalls is a must in your Bali vacation experience.

Beaches of Bali

What is the point of going to an island if you don’t enjoy its beaches? This island’s coastline is particularly diverse too, making choosing which is the ‘best’ Bali beach an impossible task! Book a long enough Bali holiday and you may be able to explore enough to make your decision.

Beaches of Bali

On Bali’s southern peninsula you’ll find the idyllic white sand and blue waters. Uluwatu has perhaps the most dramatic coastline, where the beaches are accessed at the bottom of majestic cliffs. The likes of Suluban Beach, Bingin Beach and Padang Padang are a surfers paradise, with professional-level waves barreling above the reef. But did you know, The closing scene of Eat, Pray, Love was shot at Padang Padang, on south Bali’s Bukit Peninsula. While the calm shores of Nusa Dua and Sanur are where families escape to.

In certain areas, like Southwest Bali and East Bali, you’ll come across something special: a black beach! Here the black sand, a mix from Bali’s volcanic minerals, makes for a unique coastal experience. You can find these black sand beaches at Nyanyi Beach, Kedungu Beach or Cemagi Beach (southwest); also at Kusumba Beach (east), where you’ll also find Bali’s traditional sea salt farmers.

Experience a Ceremony or Bali Festival

For the most profound experience during your Bali vacation, one that will truly bring you face-to-face with a living, breathing culture, time your Bali holidays around an upcoming ceremony or Bali festival. It is during these ceremonies you will witness the true meaning of devotion, whereby the most elaborate displays are shown.

Galungan and Kuningan

Every 210 days, the Galungan and Kuningan Days are held. This is celebrated island-wide by Balinese Hindus, whereby temples are decorated in full colour and pomp, and the devotees will huddle into the temples with offerings galore to pray en masse. Once a year you will have Nyepi, Bali’s day of silence, which is an experience in itself when the whole island is dark and silent for a full 24 hours. This is prefaced by two important rituals, firstly the Melasti cleansing ceremonies when huge lines of devotees travel from temples in procession to cleanse their artefacts; then the Ogoh-Ogoh Parade, where giant effigies of demons are paraded on the street, alongside fire, music and procession!

Last But Not Least: Enjoying Luxury Accommodation in Bali

Of course, after all the exploring, discovery, adventure, cultural immersion and more, it’s important to have somewhere to completely relax and unwind. After all, what are Bali holidays without being able to slip into a private infinity pool villa that overlooks a verdant river valley?

Viceroy Bali is one such luxury accommodation in Bali. Cascading down a palm-lined valley on the north side of Ubud, this family-owned resort has added a personal touch to the 5-star experience. This tropical sanctuary, home to palatial suites and villas, merges Balinese authenticity with luxury travel, which helped it win Condé Nast Travellers #1 Resort in the World (2018).

Viceroy Bali panoramic view

Viceroy Bali’s views over the ‘Valley of the Kings’ is enjoyed by the resort’s high-end spa, gourmet al-fresco restaurant and iconic infinity pool. Bali’s most revered fine-dining destination, Apéritif Bali, is also found within the resort’s compound, meaning an unforgettable dining experience is just around the corner. Extraordinary food and beverage, a spa to relax in, a villa to retreat to… is there anything else you need during your Bali vacation?

When international travel finally resumes, people will be in search of new experiences, a destination that bursts with life and colour, where nature abounds and accessible, where adventure is right around the corner and the people beam with heartfelt smiles. If the above reasons haven’t convinced you that Bali holidays provide all of this, that’s only because this is but the tip of the iceberg on what a Bali travel experience can offer.

Whether you’re hoping to feel free and liberated in the great outdoors, discover the wonders of nature; or sink into a warm and bubbling jacuzzi in your private villa sanctuary; there’s no doubt that a Bali vacation is what you need.

About Viceroy Bali

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