The Best Time to Visit Bali

While Bali is warm all year-round, there are pro’s and con’s to travelling at different times throughout the year, and different activities to match! Being so close to the equator means there are only two seasons – wet and dry – but there’s plenty to do and see in both. If you are planning your annual family holiday, wedding or Bali honeymoon, it’s crucial to plan accordingly. Find the best time to visit Bali from the table below.

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When is the best time to visit Bali?

The Dry Season (May – October)

Travelling in the dry season brings warm, blue skies and cool winds in the evening – with less humidity and amazing surf breaks too (as well as calmer waters for diving!). It’s a great time for hikes and getting outdoors, but it’s busy – real busy. Because of it’s great climate, everyone wants to be there. Shops, restaurants and bars are packed, and hotel prices inflated to match. Our pick for the best months to book? May, June and September – and avoid those school holidays!

What’s on in the Dry Season?

The Wet Season (November – April)

Humidity and endless searches for air conditioning will be a priority during the wet season, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great time to travel. With a lot less tourists in the region, villas offering discounts for the low season – it can be a great time for a cheap, relaxed getaway. While it may remain hot (with an average 31 degrees most days), the rain will fall and skies overcast – with December and January the most rainy months. Stay indoors with guilt-free spa days, join a cooking class, or take advantage of the excess water and try your hand at white water rafting!

What’s on in the Wet Season? The Wet Season (November – April)

So, what’s important to you?

Surfing – April – September
Good Weather –
April – October
Beaches and Sun –
April – October
No Tourists –
November – April (excluding Christmas & New Year period)
On a budget –
February – early June + October – early December
Diving –
September – November
Outdoor activities –
May – September

The best time to plan a Bali wedding or Honeymoon

The best Bali wedding or honeymoon time is during the dry season (May – October). This period is also the most expensive time to visit Bali, but we think it is worth it as the last thing you want is rain on your wedding day.

Our pick for the best time to visit Bali

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