Best Area to Stay in Bali

A serene paradise of healing and relaxation. Ubud is the best area to stay in Bali and for so many reasons, no matter your reason for travel or length of stay. It is the cultural heartland of Bali and provides insight into the magical Balinese way of life that would not be possible when staying in more touristy areas. With its abundance of ornate and ageing temples, lush green rice paddies and dense, wild jungles; Ubud really is the best area to stay in Bali.

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Location, location, location

At 1.5 hours from the airport, Ubud is an ideal destination for those seeking a luxury getaway that leaves the hustle and bustle of the southern beaches behind. It is home to many of Bali’s main attractions, including the Ubud Monkey Forest where you can get up close to the local Balinese long-tailed monkey, and the Agung Rai Museum of Art where you can experience local art, sculptures, dances, music and other unique performances.

Experience the adventure

Ubud gives travellers the convenience of being able to rejuvenate in their luxury resort but also the flexibility to partake in easy day trips to Bali’s main cultural and natural attractions. These include going to ancient temples, snorkelling, hiking through jungles and waterfalls or up active volcanoes. You can even book a helicopter tour over the volcano and through the lakes region, taking off from Viceroy Bali.

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A taste of paradise

There is a tantalizing array of dining options in Ubud, making it the best area to stay in Bali for those of you who travel in part for the ultimate culinary experience. The Ubud Food Festival is just one of the yearly events expressing the passion and love for Balinese food. The Ubud Food Festival only happens once a year in April, but if you’re visiting at another time of year, it is easy to check out Ubud’s best eats for every occasion. When it comes to fine dining, Ubud is at the Bali forefront of imaginative and world-class dining, with restaurants such as CasCades, Blanco par Mandif and, soon to open, Apéritif restaurant.

Just what the doctor ordered

Another reason for Ubud being the best area to stay in Bali is that it is a centre for healing. Ubud is said to derive from the word Ubad which means medicine. It is said to be a place of spiritual inspiration, where you can seek the benefits of Balinese traditional medicine, yoga and massage.

Overall Ubud, Bali is a sophisticated place with plentiful options of activities and experiences available for all. Being one of the filming locations for Eat, Pray, Love, it is an iconic place of beauty and tranquility that is well worth the visit.

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