Bali Travel Tips

At the Viceroy Bali, we know what it takes to create an amazing, luxurious Bali experience. When you travel to Bali, there are endless options of activities for you to indulge in your curiosities, flaunt your adventurous side and to rejuvenate your soul. So grab a glass of wine and let us give you some top Bali travel tips to give you an experience you won’t forget.


Don’t be in a hurry to chase around tour groups and weave your way through the bustling main towns of Bali looking for landmarks. Instead, take the time out to relax and nourish your body. How long has it been since you read a good book by the pool, listened to the delicate sounds of nature or watched the sun rays through the window as you sip on a tea or enjoyed your most favourite foods?

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Book a private villa

A private villa will give your body and mind the space it needs to relax and feel luxurious. Look for a villa that includes a private pool so that you may take a dip at your own leisure. Our accommodation is one of the best Bali travel tips to give you an unforgettable experience.

Do Yoga

Give your body the movement it craves and take a Balinese yoga class. Better yet, take a private yoga class outside so that you may get the full benefit of yoga infused with nature.

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Get a massage

Abandon all the tightness and stress in your body by receiving multiple Balinese massages during your stay. An ideal time to get a massage is in the afternoon or evening so that you can be completely relaxed as you drift away to sleep after a long day of doing absolutely nothing at all. Akoya Spa is recommended spa on Bali travel tips to give you best body treatment experience.

Eat well

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There are so many options and varieties for cuisine in Bali. Don’t limit yourself to eating the same food every day during your holiday. Try as many unique dishes as you can to get the full taste experience of Bali

Experience the local Balinese culture

Once you have finished relaxing, stretching and nourishing your inner food connoisseur. Get outside and find activities where you can experience the beautiful and exotic Balinese culture. Be open to seeing their traditions, religion, music and iconic dances.

Visit in the ‘dry’ season

Unless you love rain, we recommend coming to Bali between April and September. This is the time of year where you are likely to experience sunnier, tropical days.

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Book some day trips

There is so much to do and experience in Bali. Book your experiences in advance to give you something to do when you are finished relaxing. Alternatively, when you stay at the Viceroy Bali you can book some activities with us just by coming to the main lobby the day before your chosen activity.

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Pick the right accommodation

As one of our most important Bali travel tips, you want to select a place where you can get the exact experience you want from your trip. In our blog ‘6 Star Luxury Resorts Bali: What to look for when booking your dream holiday’ we have some tips on what to look for when picking where to stay.

If you would like to experience the best activities and things to do in Bali, please contact us and Book your stay at the Viceroy Bali today. The team at Viceroy Bali are always on hand with tips, guides and suggestions throughout your stay or you’re just looking for something new to do! Make sure that Viceroy Bali is on the list when you searching for Bali travel tips.

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