Bali Luxury Resorts

So, you’re looking for the perfect Bali luxury resorts to stay at for your next trip to Bali, but you can discern between those that say they’re luxury and those that really are? You type into google “6 star Bali luxury resorts ” and then you are inundated with so many different options all calling out to you saying “Pick me! Pick me!” But which do you choose? With all of these options, it’s hard to know what will give you the best experience for your amazing luxury holiday escape. Here are a few points of what to look for when booking 6 star Bali luxury resorts.

Vice regal villa pool area with jungle view in ubud

Do Research on Reputable Travel websites and Blogs

It’s a good idea to only trust reputable travel websites and blogs as some can be packed with fake reviews. These are usually bought by competitor hotels who are aiming to bring down their competition or perk up their own reviews. Some travel blogs can be affiliated with certain hotels which means they may not have accurate information and also may not have even visited the hotel. Looking for a large range of reviews and blog articles with reputable travel websites such as Conde Nast Traveler or Black Tomato is a good place to start.

Research the Reviews

The first thing you should look at when booking 6 star luxury resorts Bali is the reviews. Websites such as Tripadvisor or can provide you with information on other travellers experiences of the resort and the more positive reviews the better. They are also a great way of painting a picture of what the resort itself will be like and the quality of customer service they provide to make your experience an incredible one. Tripadvisor has a zero tolerance on fake reviews so you are less likely to come across any in your travel research.

Look for Packages

When booking your hotel you should keep your eye out for packages as they can maximise your experience and minimise costs. At Viceroy Bali we offer some amazing, luxurious packages that will leave you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and can even add in that little extra romance if you are travelling with someone special.

Research the Facilities

Deluxe Terrace Villa from birdview

Depending on what experience you would like to get out of your stay, whether you still want to do your morning workout whilst on your holiday, you will need a gym, or if you want to be able to relax by the side of your own private swimming pool then we recommend researching the facilities of the resort you would like to stay in.

The Location

If adventuring out into the Balinese countryside is something that you have in your travel plans, then researching the location of the resort will help you plan what amazing attractions and experiences are nearby the location you will be staying in. Often staff will be able to help give recommendations on which places are the best to visit during your stay, or you can check out The best day trips from Ubud.

Dining With a View

There aren’t many things more romantic and wonderful than dining at a world class restaurant with a view. Research if the chosen resort has not only amazing food available to indulge in, but also a beautiful view to rest your eyes upon as the sun sets with a glass of your favorite beverage at hand. Cascades Restaurant and Aperitif Restaurant & Bar are most recommended.

Cascades Bali - jungle view

To find out further information about what Viceroy Bali, feel free to browse our website for the experiences and packages that we offer. If you have any further questions please visit our contact page, we look forward to having you as our guest.