Traveling to Bali During Ramadan 2024

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What to expect in Bali during Ramadan 2024

As the world’s largest Muslim population in the world, Ramadan is a particularly special time in Indonesia. A majority of the population adhere to strict fasting during what is considered an important holy time for Muslims around the world. Now, as Bali is in Indonesia and Bali is a majority Hindu island, how then does Ramadan affect tourists in Bali? For those travelling to Bali during Ramadan 2024, whether you are Muslim or not, we help to explain what is Ramadan, and what to expect from Bali during this time.

What is Ramadan?

Celebrated on the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, Ramadan commemorate’s the Prophet Muhammad’s first revelation, which is realised through a month of fasting, restraint and prayers. It is mainly conducted by adults. 

Those asking ‘what is Ramadan?’ May not know the typical day-to-day experience of this holy month: The fasting period each day typically starts before sunrise, with an opening meal of Sahur, after which devotees will not eat or drink throughout the day. Finally, they will break their fast around sundown, when they have their evening meal called iftar. The times of sahur and Iftar are different around the world and those fasting should check the schedule for Ramadan 2024 in their own regions. During this time, usually, Muslims will also refrain from smoking, sexual activity and other ‘sinful’ activities.

When is Ramadan 2024?

This year, Ramadan takes place from 10 March 2024 to 9 April 2024. For a whole month, Muslims will be participating in their daily fasting rituals, but this also includes breaking fast with families and communities.

Bali During Ramadan

In other parts of Indonesia, Ramadan can really change what is available and what is open, usually to respect the majority who are fasting by removing any temptations or sights that make fasting harder for those in the area. This helps people keep to their Ramadan fasting rules.

In Jakarta and other cities, some bars and nightclubs will close down, for example. Massage parlours will close down. Alcohol, in general, is slightly harder to come by; even restaurants may decide not to serve alcohol or will serve alcohol incognito, serving beers and wines in teacups or mugs. Some restaurants may even close during the day to respect those fasting, but this is normally for smaller business (often run by those fasting as well).

People who have experienced this are probably wondering, is there Ramadan fasting in Bali? What is Bali during Ramadan like?

Rest assured that Ramadan, whilst certainly present amongst the Muslim population of the island, does not affect the everyday businesses in Bali. Again, as a Hindu majority island — but also an island with a strong tourist focus – bars, nightclubs, restaurants and spas all continue to run as normal.

With around 15% of Bali’s population Muslim, there are still a considerable amount of people fasting during Ramadan. The Balinese Hindu without a doubt respect their Muslim neighbours and visitors in this fasting period, but there are simply not enough people to warrant changing business operations and availability of services on the island.
When it comes to clothing, especially swimwear, there are no restrictions in Bali during Ramadan period. In short: Bali is not really affected by Ramadan.

Bali During Ramadan Period

Ramadan 2024 in Bali

If you are travelling to Bali and are fasting, you might be wondering what is Ramadan in Bali like for you. Don’t worry, you will surely be accommodated for! Many hotels around the island are known to accommodate Sahur and Iftar meals, but it’s important that you check this before making your booking. Furthermore, you will find that there are many mosques scattered around Bali if you wish to pray; again, some hotels may have a place to pray on site but check before making your booking. Halal food is also available around the island.

For Ramadan 2024 in Bali, the times for Imsak (the cut off time before you must start fasting) is approximately 04:56, the times for prayers and breaking evening fast are as follows:

Imsak: 04:30
Subuh: 04:40
Zuhur: 12:00
Asar: 15:14
Azan / Magrib / Break Fasting: 18:01
Isya : 19:09

So, generally speaking, the fasting period in Bali for Ramadan 2024 is 04:30 to 18:01, subject to small changes throughout the month. 
It’s important to note that because most of the island will not be participating in Ramadan, it is best to expect people to be eating as normal, wearing swimsuits as normal, drinking alcohol as normal, going to the spa as normal, and so on.

After Ramadan, the Eid al-Fitr Holidays

After the Ramadan period, the Eid Al-Fitr holidays are enjoyed. In Indonesia, this is called Idul Fitri or ‘Lebaran’, and many Muslim families will travel home to visit extended families. Many also use this as a time to visit Bali and take a well-earned holiday after a challenging fasting month.

Lebaran or Idul Fitri in Bali can be a busier time for the island as many domestic tourists will fly and even drive over – mainly from Java. But with Ramadan fasting over, this will be for a normal holiday and the Idul Fitri period will not have any regulations or changes placed upon the island. This 2024, Idul Fitri will take place on 9 and 10 April 2024 in Indonesia and are declared public holidays, however, it is likely that people will take extended breaks during this time to celebrate the end of Ramadan 2024.

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