Nyepi Package 2023 – The best way to spend your Silent Day – Wednesday 22 March 2023

What is Nyepi Day?

Nyepi translates to ‘silence’, where everyone falls in complete silence to reflect upon their life. It’s a day of contemplation and introspection of all the good and bad deeds that they have done in the past year. In other words, Nyepi is a ritual of purification to promote and achieve balance and harmony in life.

Girl at Infinity Pool Edge at Viceroy Bali

Nyepi or hari raya Nyepi is a Balinese New Year tradition that is celebrated quite differently from New Years’ in other cultures. Nyepi follows the Saka Calendar that falls between March and April and has been carried out back as far as 78 AD. On this very unique and sacred day, the entire island is put in sleep mode where electricity, lights, fires, and any kind of traffic are forbidden. 

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The entire island is policed by village watchmen (Pecalang) who patrol every street and corner to ensure that the island is in its desired tranquillity. Even internet access is cut off for the day, and the local airport shuts for 24 hours, making it the only airport in the world that shuts for a religious ceremony – which gives you an idea of just how serious Balinese are about it. 

Nyepi might seem very odd from outside the local culture, but it holds great meaning to the Balinese. The evening before Nyepi Day Ogoh ogoh (huge demonic statues) are paraded through the main streets and cemeteries of Bali’s numerous villages. The Ogoh ogoh statues are intended to be evil spirits, and at the conclusion of the parade they are set alight and the burning of the Ogoh-Ogoh represents leaving your demons behind in the year that passed.

Nyepi Package 2023 – the Silent Day at the Viceroy Bali

Viceroy Bali in Ubud provides you a safe retreat for the blackout day, providing the non-Balinese a place to relax and unwind, but with electricity, airconditioning, television and internet. The Viceroy Nyepi Package 2023 is a two-night package available only from the 21 to 23 March 2023.

The Nyepi Package for 2023 includes breakfast, lunch and dinner on Nyepi Day (wednesday 22nd March), snacks and soft drinks from the minibar, and full breakfast on the 23rd March.

Interior design of Deluxe Terrace Villa at Viceroy Bali

The supporting solitude that surrounds the resort will give you the ideal atmosphere to binge read your favorite new book. Or maybe you just want to binge watch your new show and dine on gourmet room service. 

It doesn’t matter that stepping a foot outside your shelter is literally prohibited, because Viceroy Bali offers you the luxury of a private pool villa that you actually won’t want to leave, limitless wifi and internet access and a sun-drenched terrace for you to soak up serenity of the jungle rambling down Ubud’s Valley of the Kings. The Viceroy Bali’s Nyepi Package 2023 will have you ensconced in a spacious, open-plan sanctuary with a super-king sized bed and luxurious bathroom, blending refined luxury and Balinese traditional living.

Because of the religious elements that have us refrain from daily routines, the silent day without electricity affords us perfect conditions for stargazing on a clear night, with constellations visible to the naked eye on a clear evening. If you’re an astronomy enthusiast then the silent day is your day. 

You might feel that Nyepi is taking away your fun, but there’s no other place in the world that shuts itself down completely. Beyond being spiritually and religiously valuable to Balinese, it’s a chance for everyone in Bali to refresh and start anew. 

About the Viceroy Bali in Ubud

Viceroy Bali is a family owned and operated luxury resort, a unique proposition for luxury 5-star hotels in Bali. Situated only a 5-minute drive from Ubud, Bali’s bustling cultural and spiritual capital, the property is a secluded haven for those with refined tastes. Each villa offers a private, heated infinity pool overlooking a spectacular jungle ravine known as Valley of the Kings. Every detail of this tropical sanctuary has been meticulously designed to provide an extraordinary expression of Balinese authenticity whilst also being world-class. Viceroy is the only Bali luxury resort to have won the Condé Nast Traveller accolade of #1 Resort in the World (2018).