Easter in Bali – Easter Activities

Looking forward to being surrounded by eggs and Good Friday festivities? Well, Easter is just around the corner, so if you’re celebrating in Bali and have no idea where to find a family activity or treasure hunt for the children then don’t worry, we are here to help! From-all-you-can-eat family feasts and great easter Bali packages to exciting events, here are our top picks of what you could do in Bali and where to stay this Easter. 

What to do for Easter in Bali

1. Enjoy a Nice Dinner 

One of the best ways to enjoy the Easter holidays in Bali is to treat your family and friends to a special dining experience. Who knows, you might be delighted by the unique Easter specials menus followed by the most exciting Easter decorations along with a fun treasure hunt. This might be one of the most recommended activities, though it might sound very cliché Easter is about reuniting with the family. You can also make a list with your traveling partner of the different places you want to eat in Bali. We recommend you to have a pleasant stay at Viceroy Bali and enjoy the meticulous food at CasCades Restaurant that produces bold and unique dishes whilst you enjoy striking tropical valley views. You will be surprised by how immaculate the surroundings are and how it is the perfect place for a family gathering. Later, you can make your way to different parts of Bali from there. 

Viceroy Bali restaurants - Cascades Bali interior

2. Escape with an Easter Package

Take the stress out of planning Easter and enjoy a relaxing Bali Easter Package at a resort. Perfect for both couples and families, you won’t even need to leave the resort with fun Easter activities and a festive Easter lunch. At Viceroy, the Bali Easter package includes private pool villa accommodation, Easter Sunday lunch, treasure hunt and egg painting, a 60 minute massage, daily breakfast and a daily cocktail or mocktail.

3. Easter Beach Picnic

It’s never a complete experience if you haven’t visited a beach in Bali. With so many immaculate beaches with black and white sands encircling this Island of the Gods, you can never skip a beach day out with your family. Although, it would be difficult to go egg hunting there, doing regular activities like a family gathering at the beach is never a bad idea. So, you should time your arrival a few hours before dark to end your day in one of the most beautiful places to watch the sunset. Having a small picnic by the sea and building some sandcastles will be the perfect alternative things to do.

4. Visit the National Forest

Although you won’t find any bunnies in Bali, you can take your family to the National Park instead. There, you and your family can enjoy a more relaxing weekend and observe the animals and the natural landscapes in Bali. Who knew a little adventure along the stairs could bring the family together? 

5. Surround yourself among Wild Animals!

Most people would correlate Easter to the Easter bunnies, but if you think that’s overrated try to plan your family Easter at the Zoo. Like what Bali Safari & Marine Park does to their visitors, they provide safari trips into the zoo which look like a real jungle. People can watch the animal activities inside the zoo-like they are in forest life. Over 60 species of animals live in Bali Safari & Marine Park, the zoo itself creates a real jungle atmosphere. 

Mason adventures elephant Safari ride

6. Create chocolate eggs!

One of the perks of celebrating Easter is definitely a chocolate egg. But if you think it is not quite fascinating to do in Bali, then try to do it yourself! There’s always a way to learn some tricks or two about cooking through YouTube. Not only you would experience something new, it will be a new bonding experience for you and your family. So, get your ingredients and laptop ready, it’s time for some fun cooking! Always remember to supervise the little ones to prevent any unwanted incidents in the kitchen!

Create Chocolate Eggs in Bali

7. Egg-hunting Riddle at your home

Lastly, the most favorite activity that would excite the little one is probably to have an egg-hunting activity at your home. You can do it thoroughly by spreading all over the house, or you can actually add a little spice on it by creating a riddle out of it. That way your family would experience a more exciting discussion as they would have to think and work cooperatively during the hunt, it would be a very exciting activity that you don’t have to miss out on.  

So, these are just a few ideas for you to spend your time in Bali this Easter, we recommend you book your accommodation in advance. 

Where to Stay for Easter in Bali

For a getaway staycation, get yourself to the most intimate luxury resort located in Ubud. From a complete wellness rejuvenation program to the cultural Balinese vacation package, you’ll be surprised by how many easter Bali packages are designed around your needs along with built-in discounts to let you enjoy your precious time when staying at Viceroy Bali. Starting from a wellness retreat to regenerate the mind the body, to a relaxing romance package for those who are seeking a romantic getaway with their significant other, to a wedding for those who are seeking a beautiful tropical wedding ceremony accompanied by the ferocious jungle, culture, and adventure that takes you through the experience of traditional Bali, and lastly culinary, where you’ll experience an incredible gourmet experience indulging a Balinese cooking class, Indonesian lunch and incredible night to remember with an 8-course degustation at Apéritif restaurant and cocktail bar.

Easter Promotion in Bali

This Easter, Viceroy Bali has arranged a luxurious Easter Staycation package that includes a daily a la carte breakfast, a daily cocktail or mocktail per person at Cascades Bar, and 1 x 60 minutes Balinese massage per adult. Viceroy Bali has also prepared a fun Easter experience for the little ones, including a treasure hunt activity on Saturday, 3rd of April 2021, and an egg painting session on Sunday, 4th of April 2021. Accompanied by an egg-citing festivity for everyone, Easter lunch can be served on your preferred date of either the 3rd or 4th of April 2021 at Cascades Restaurant. The Easter Bali package is valid only from Thursday 1st of April to Sunday 4th 2021. For further information please book your reservation through res@viceroybali.com or visit their web page at www.viceroybali.com. 
We guarantee you, this is one of the best easter Bali packages you will find on the Island!

About Viceroy Bali in Ubud

Viceroy Bali is a family-owned and operated luxury resort, a unique proposition for luxury 5-star hotels in Bali. Situated only a 5-minute drive from Ubud, Bali’s bustling cultural and spiritual capital, the property is a secluded haven for those with refined tastes. Each villa offers a private, heated infinity pool overlooking a spectacular jungle ravine known as Valley of the Kings. Every detail of this tropical sanctuary has been meticulously designed to provide an extraordinary expression of Balinese authenticity whilst also being world-class. Viceroy is the only Bali luxury resort to have won the Condé Nast Traveller accolade of #1 Resort in the World (2018).

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