Bali Reopens for International Travel

VIceroy-Bali-Reopens-To-International-Tourism-Header-1Bali Reopens with the airport set to welcome international flights from 14 October 2021

Indonesia’s Government announces Bali Reopens for international travel.

First published on Wednesday 6 October 2021. This post will be updated frequently, as soon as we receive official updates from the Bali Government.
Updated on Tuesday 12 October 2021.
Updated on Friday 15 October 2021.
Updated on Monday 8 November 2021.
Updated on Saturday 13 November 2021.

On 4 October 2021, Bali Government officials announced that Bali Ngurah Rai Airport in Denpasar will reopen to international flights from five selected countries from mid-October 2021. This list was further updated on 13 October 2021 to 19 countries. Scroll down to view the updated list. 

The announcement that Bali reopens comes almost 18 months after the airport closed to international arrivals due to Covid-19 which has all but decimated tourism on the island and globally. All residents of Bali have worked together tirelessly during this time, implementing strict cleanliness, health and safety protocols. Hotels adhering to these new measures – the CHSE certification, granted by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy – will be in a favourable position to welcome tourists again.

These travellers will be able to fly direct to Bali without having to quarantine in Jakarta in advance from the below list of 19 countries:

1. United Arab Emirates
2. New Zealand
3. South Korea
4. China
5. Japan
6. Saudi Arabia
7. Kuwait
8. Bahrain
9. Qatar
10. India
11. Liechtenstein
12. Italy
13. France
14. Portugal
15. Spain
16. Sweden
17. Poland
18. Hungary
19. Norway

They will however be required to go through the now normal processes of entry still: an approved visa application (business, resident or diplomatic), proof of full vaccination and an arrival PCR test in the airport.

They will then begin a minimum 2 x 24 hours mandatory quarantine at an approved quarantine hotel of their choice – Viceroy Bali in Ubud is qualified and the top luxury option for discerning travellers coming to the newly reopened Bali.

Minister for Tourism and Economy Sandiaga Uno stated that Bali’s reopening will focus on travellers and returning expatriates who used to live in Bali. A number of international news outlets including New York Times and Bloomberg also reported on the positive news of Bali reopening, after closing its international borders in April 2020. 

Vaccination Rates in Bali

More than 70% of the Bali population has received at least one vaccine with the expectation to achieve 90% by the end of October. At Viceroy Bali, the entire team has been fully vaccinated since 24 May 2021. As well as being an official quarantine hotel in Bali, Viceroy Bali has remained operational throughout the pandemic, welcoming domestic guests from neighbouring islands. Fine-dining restaurant Apéritif also continued to welcome culinary enthusiasts to a safe dining space.

Quarantine Package at Viceroy Bali 

As international guests will be required to show proof of hotel room reservation upon arrival in Bali for a mandatory five days (four nights), we have created a Quarantine Package. The 4 night package will include daily meals and wellnes activities. To view details of the package, please click here.