Bali Day Trips from Ubud

If you are looking for the best Bali day trip from Ubud, we can help you here. Have a look at our summary of the possibilities you have.


bali sekumpul waterfall


This 35 metre waterfall can be found in the Sambangan village with an incredible abundance of greenery. Visitors can dip their feet or take a refreshing swim in the 4 metre deep pond below the cliff where Aling Aling falls dividing into two streams.


Found in north Bali’s Buleleng through the village of Namesake, is one of the best Bali day trips from Ubud. This cluster of seven incredible waterfalls is a sight to see from either a far or right below. Tourists can trek through rice paddies and coffee plantations down to the rock pool at the Sekumpul’s waterfall base where an 80 metre cliff sits above.
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tirtha empul

Goa Gajah

This ancient 9th century temple was built on the western edge of Bedulu village to ward off evil spirits. The temple is now regarded as an archaeological site of historical value, but you can still visit and experience this incredible Goa Gaja which translates to ‘elephant cave’, walk around the courtyard, take in the rock wall carvings, fountains and experience the bathing pools and central meditational cave.

Tirta Empul Water Temple

The Tirta Empul water temple is the busiest and largest water temple in Bali, making the list of the best day trips from Ubud. Founded in 926 A.D., the holy spring water temple is dedicated to Vishnu the Indonesian God of water and is located near Manukaya’s Tampaksiring village and is open to the public seven days a week.

Besakih Mother Temple

The Besakih temple, otherwise known as the mother temple for its more than 80 individual temples surrounded by rich forests and rice paddy fields, sitting 1,000 metres high on the Mount Agung southwestern slopes. It has been considered a holy site since its creation over 1,000 years ago and was nominated as a world heritage site in 1995. The great temple of state, Pura Penataran Agung, is the main of the 80 or so temples.

Hiking / Walking

Sunrise Trekking

Mount Batur

One for the adventure seekers, looking high and low for the best day trips from Ubud. Take a trip to Mount Batur and hike up the 1717 metre active volcano to watch the breathtaking sunrise over the sea, valleys and two neighbouring volcanoes – Mount Agung and Mount Agang. The Kintamani area is the starting point for guided hikes, offering breakfast and very early morning pickups which are well worth the 2 hour scenic summit.

Campuhan Ridge Walk

A retreat from the hustle and bustle of central Ubud, the Campuhan Ridge Walk is a free and easy paved trail, perfect for those new to hiking and seeking the best day trips from Ubud. The 9km hill track that passes over the green valley of the Sungai Wos River is ideal to enjoy at sunrise or sunset, when the temperature is still cool and the golden light makes for the best scenic photos of the tropics and rural Balinese villages. Although no hiking shoes are required for this leisurely 3 hour trek, make sure you pack snacks, water and a hat.

Tegalalang Rice Field Terraces

Ricefield on Bali, Ubud

Bali is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes of lush rice terraces, and it doesn’t get much better than the Tegalalang Rice fields. Located roughly half an hour away to the north of Ubud, nature lovers, painters and photographers love the spot, which sits perched on Tegalalang Village, 600 metres above sea level. Snap photos from above or venture down the stairs and hike through the intricate terraces, which were made and still well-maintained by subak – a traditional Balinese irrigation system from the 8th century. One of the favorite of Bali day trips from Ubud.

The Bali Swing

Ubud Day Trip

If you’re looking for one of the best day trips from Ubud, look no further than the famous Bali Swing. Less than a 30 minute drive from Ubud and overlooking an epic backdrop of rice fields, river and palm tree valley, the Bali Swing is in fact 12 different single swings of varying heights. Ranging from 10 m all the way up to 78 m – for those after a real adrenaline rush. A beautiful photo opportunity and exciting activity all in one.


Bali Day Trips

Dreamland Beach Uluwatu

Surfing aficionados, rejoice. This hidden, white sand beach is not only secluded by towering limestone cliffs, but also offers some of the best reef breaks and big waves that Bali has to offer. Located in Southern Bukit, it’s loved by day-trippers and beachgoers too, especially for the panoramic views of the romantic Indian Ocean sunsets.

Virgin Beach Karangasem

Prefer snorkelling over surfing? Karangsame’s Virgin Beach is another gorgeous white(ish) sand strand, stretching over 700 metres around an azure cove and surrounded by lush tropical forest. Boasting plenty of marine life in its clear water and coral reefs, White Sand Beach (as it’s known by the locals) is a hidden gem with minimal crowds, allowing for it to be another one of the best day trips from Ubud. A number of warungs (local restaurants) offer everything you would need to relax for the day, including deck chairs, snorkelling equipment, and the delicious combination of fresh fish and cold beer.

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