Bali New Year’s Eve

Did someone say “New Year’s Eve”? Or maybe, “Malam Tahun Baru”?
If you are looking for a good New Year’s party in Bali, you won’t be lacking options. Even in the year that brought us Covid and near-global travel shutdowns, there is still plenty on offer on New Year’s in Bali.
Bali is renowned as an island that knows how to party. It definitely knows how to spoil you with a plethora of options when it comes to celebrating New Year’s Eve. Whether you want to relax and stay in, have a nice fine-dining experience, or a rage at a full-blown dance party to welcome 2022, Bali has you covered.

When it comes to holidays and special dates, Bali uses two calendars for double the fun. There is the Saka (Balinese calendar) and the regular Gregorian calendar. So in terms of celebrating the new year, you get to enjoy two Bali New Year’s parties.

Firework on New Year in Bali
Firework on the Beach

Where to go on New Year in Bali?

Let’s face it, 2021 has been a pretty challenging year for all of us. But that doesn’t mean you can’t see in the new year with panache and style. If you’re wondering where to go on new year’s in Bali, then you’re in for a treat as Bali’s new year celebrations offer a range of activities, regardless of your budget and style.

You can dance in the new year at the beach clubs in Canggu and Seminyak, join in the relaxed celebrations along the coast of Uluwatu, or wine and dine in the cooler climate of Ubud.

Ubud is a place where traditional Balinese culture is present in almost every waking moment. Where the beautiful sound of gamelan accompanies you in your everyday life. Where colorful offerings decorate the streets. With its beautiful rice paddies, temples, shrines, and fresh mountainous air, it’s no wonder that Ubud offers some different options to spend your last day in 2021.

If you’re spending New Year in Bali and looking for a more refined celebration away from the clubs and thumping bars in the south of the island, then Ubud is for you. Your options are varied. Dancing, live music, and family-friendly fine-dining experiences are some of the things you can do to enjoy your new years eve in Ubud.

New Year's Eve Party Bali
New Year’s Eve at Apéritif

Last Supper at Apéritif

If you are looking for something classy, then head to the Viceroy Bali’s flagship restaurant Apéritif. To end 2021 with a bang, Apéritif restaurant and bar offers you a fantastic experience not to be missed. Executive Chef Nic Vanderbeeken from Belgium ingeniously combines Indonesian and European flavors, ingredients, and cooking methods that will seriously spoil your palate.

So make your last meal of 2021 one to remember and treat yourself to the night at Ubud’s best restaurant. From it’s magnificently decorated interior to the incredible staff, from the freshest ingredients to the exquisite presentation, it’s as much about the experience as it is the meal. Apéritif’s New Year’s Eve dinner is an 8-course fine-dining degustation experience for IDR 2,800,000 net.

And wine lovers worry not, Apéritif is also offering a wine pairing from its extensive cellar to accompany your fine-dining experience on New Year’s Eve. Enjoy a selection of old- and new-world wines from around the world, tailored to each of your 8 courses for IDR 1,500,000 net.
After dinner the party moves into Apéritif’s elegant bar. The night continues with delicious cocktails and dancing, with DJs right up to the midnight countdown and into the morning hours of a new and better year.

Our resident Mixologist Panji will be behind the bar with his team and will be serving up the best new year’s eve party cocktails on Bali. If you’ve been to Apéritif before you know some of Panji’s signature drinks, and if you haven’t, then New Years is probably a great time to come and sample his craft. From the Hotsy-Totsy to the Flower Carrier to the Tamarillo Negroni; all of the Apéritif cocktails are a pure joy to sip on.

You won’t regret kicking this completely rubbish 2021 to the curb at Apéritif. You can ring in the new year – and a better year – with style, grace, delicious food and incredible cocktails.

You can ring in the new year with style, grace, delicious food and incredible cocktails.


Make a night of it

It might be a large night, so why not take care of accommodation and arrange a villa that is close to your New Year’s party? And if you’re going to celebrate New Years at Apéritif, you might want an easy walk – or buggy – to your room.

If you’re looking to wake up and greet the new year in total luxury, enjoy a divine breakfast and swim in a private infinity pool, the Viceroy Bali has it covered. To make sure you start 2022 on the right foot, the Viceroy is offering its Luxury Pool Villas from IDR 4.500.000 on New year’s Eve only.
The Viceroy Bali villas are far more than a room with a view, offering the ultimate luxurious experience from the moment you step your foot into the room. The villas are the perfect combination of traditional Balinese design and modern luxurious amenities. This ensures you enjoy a relaxing and comfortable stay.

The Viceroy Bali villas are perfectly designed for couples and singles alike, with each secluded villa featuring a private infinity pool and secluded terrace, luxurious king-sized beds and an abundance of space.


Bali new Year with Fun and Safety

During COVID, Apéritif and Viceroy make sure that you will not only be spoiled with the ultimate luxurious services they have to offer, they also make sure that your safety and health are prioritized for your Bali new year. Temperature checks upon arrival, staff training, and strategically placed hand sanitizers are part of the COVID protocols. Apéritif and Viceroy aim to have the safest venue for new years in Bali with COVID protocols applied to the properties and reduced capacities. All of which means you can have a fun and safe new year’s eve.

Jadi, mulailah tahun ini dengan langkah yang tepat, dan sambut tahun 2022 dengan keanggunan dan kemeriahan.

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