Which Is Better for a Honeymoon — Bali or Thailand?

Which Is Better for a Honeymoon — Bali or Thailand?

Both Bali and Thailand are amazing for a honeymoon. They are similar yet unique. Your choice of honeymoon destination ultimately hinges on your preferences.

This blog is your handy guide to knowing how to decide between the two locations and discovering the top reasons for visiting them.

Bali vs. Thailand for Honeymoon? Ask These 2 Questions.

1. What Time of Year is your Honeymoon?

Before you decide on where to go, ask yourself; what is the ideal time for your honeymoon. If you’re honeymooning between April and October, choose Bali. If you’re planning your honeymoon between November and May, select Thailand. These months are dry in both regions.

Bali and Thailand both have a tropical climate. However, the timing of the seasons differs between the two destinations. When it’s dry in Bali, it rains in Thailand

In the dry season, you get sunny days. Humidity is lower, and there’s hardly any rain. It’s perfect to hang out on beaches, and have romantic excursions. Just remember that it’s when everyone else wants to visit too. So, expect crowds and higher prices.

During the rainy season, while the humidity increases, both locations turn into a lush, green paradise. You’ll find fewer tourists and tempting deals on accommodations. It’s a great time for spa days and cultural experiences.

We recommend you travel during the shoulder season for your honeymoon. A shoulder season lies between a location’s peak season and off-season. 

In Bali and Thailand, these are the months of April-May or September-October. The crowds are less, the weather is delightful, and the prices are less affordable compared to peak season. 

2. Which Location Is Easier To Get Around, Bali or Thailand?

Bali is an island. It’s part of the country of Indonesia whereas Thailand is a country comprising 1430 islands. 

With Bali, you can have diverse experiences within a small area in a shorter time. If you have ample time and are open to exploring different areas with varied transport options, opt for Thailand.

How does the region’s area size impact your honeymoon experience?


Due to Bali’s compact size, you can easily explore the island’s diverse landscapes, from lush rice terraces to pristine beaches, without spending many hours on the road.
Many tourists set up a base and use it for trips around the island during the day.
This means more quality time with your partner.
For example, if you’re staying at Viceroy Bali in jungle-laden Ubud, you can travel to the vibrant beach town of Seminyak within 90 minutes.
Suppose, you start your day with a world-class spa session in Ubud, then visit the famous Ubud Art Market, and have lunch at the Apéritif Restaurant. You take a rental cab and reach Seminyak within 90 minutes. There, you surf or snorkel, visit a café, and return to Ubud for cocktails at a bar. And, then eventually end your day in the comfort of your private pool in your villa.

If you want to explore Thailand’s length and breadth, you might have to travel longer distances and for more time. Depending on your destination, you may have to board a plane or train, rent a car, or take a boat.
For example, travelling from bustling Bangkok to peaceful Phuket may require several hours by plane or an overnight train journey.
With longer travel times, you might explore fewer destinations if you have less time at your disposal. Your itinerary may be more rushed, and you may have limited time for relaxation, adventure, and quality moments together.
Coordinating travel between different regions can take a lot of time. You have to book flights and stays and arrange ground transportation and excursions. As a result, you may spend more effort on planning and logistics. You could feel drained.

One advantage to honeymooning in Bali is that you can adjust your itinerary on the fly due to the short transit time.
You can explore activities without rushing.

It may be difficult to make last-minute changes or explore additional attractions along the way.

Top Seven Reasons To Choose Bali for your Honeymoon

1. Luxurious Accommodations

Bali offers luxurious accommodations to suit your taste and budget. You can choose from private villas located in the lush jungle to lavish resorts that overlook the ocean. 

Bali’s accommodations offer a pampering stay with opulent amenities, personalised service, and exclusive privacy. Most of the stays are replete with luxe furnishings and exquisite art. Each element is meticulously chosen to offer an unmatched sense of refinement.

You can picture yourself luxuriating in a couples’ spa treatment or relaxing in a private pool in your sprawling villa. 

2. Exquisite Dining

Bali boasts a vibrant culinary scene. Meal options are plenty — Fresh seafood, traditional Balinese dishes, international cuisine, and gourmet fusion dishes.

You can savour street food at the local warungs. Or, opt for a candle light dinner beneath a starry sky in a fine dining restaurant. 
At our in-house Apéritif Restaurant, we offer an exclusive dinner experience in a private room, adorned with fancy decorations. And, if you’re up for an eclectic pre-dinner cocktail experience, we suggest visiting Pinstripe Bar.

3. Warm Hospitality

Balinese are known for their warmth and friendly behaviour. They make honeymooners feel welcome throughout their stay. Smiling faces are a common sight! 

When it comes to staff at Bali’s resorts and hotels, you can expect genuine kindness, personalised service and attention to detail. Many resorts also offer a dedicated butler or private concierge who anticipates guests’ wishes even before they are expressed.
Balinese hospitality extends to outdoor experiences like romantic excursions, shopping, or a cultural village tour.

4. Romantic Beaches

Bali’s beautiful beaches are perfect for romantic strolls, sunset picnics, and leisurely dips in the azure waters. The backdrops are splendid, guaranteeing you drooling photos for your social media page.

There’s a variation in ambience even among beaches. 

For example, the bustling shores of Kuta exude energy and excitement, with vibrant beach clubs and lively crowds. 

In contrast, the sands of Nusa Dua are secluded. They offer serenity and privacy. They’re ideal for couples seeking a more intimate beach experience.

5. Natural Beauty

Bali is a paradise for nature lovers. It has diverse natural attractions that showcase the island’s picturesque landscapes and spellbinding biodiversity

You can explore the iconic rice terraces of Tegallalang in Ubud or venture into the lush jungles to discover hidden waterfalls like Tegenungan and Gitgit. 

Marvel at the towering limestone cliffs of Uluwatu or take a scenic trek along the Campuhan Ridge Walk.
Try snorkelling or scuba diving excursions to explore the stunning coral reefs. Or, deepen intimacy with your soulmate while watching the majestic sunsets.

6. Cultural Experiences

Bali offers honeymooners immersive cultural experiences that are both educational and inspiring. 

Bali’s iconic temples like Tanah Lot give you a taste of its magnificent cultural heritage. And, if Balinese traditions truly fascinate you, we recommend attending a traditional performance like the Kecak Fire Dance, Legong Dance, or Barong Dance
Enrol for a Balinese Cooking Class and serve your partner your delightful meal. Looking to take home a bit of Bali’s culture? Shop at local art and handmade crafts at markets.

7. Adventure Activities

For adventurous couples, Bali is a thriving ground for thrilling experiences

Feel the rush of whitewater rapids. Experience the thrill of flying high with parasailing and paragliding. Or, dive into the colourful underwater abyss full of enchanting marine creatures.

And for those who love trekking, the Mount Batur sunrise trek offers a memorable journey. Guided by local experts and illuminated by headlamps, you’ll trek through the darkness to reach the summit. As dawn breaks, your senses will be dazzled with a breathtaking view of Bali’s volcanic landscape.

Top Seven Reasons To Choose Thailand for Honeymoon

1. Exotic Beach Destinations

Thailand’s beaches are simply stunning! You’ve got places like Phuket, Krabi, Koh Samui, and Phi Phi. Each offers its unique vibe. 

Thailand’s beaches are not just beautiful; they’re also packed with exciting water sports like snorkelling, diving, and kayaking. So, besides lounging on the sand, you can dive into thrilling adventures right from the shore! And, you can’t skip the romantic beachfront dinners.

Whether you’re into lively beach scenes or prefer quiet, secluded spots, Thailand’s got something for every kind of couple.

2. Luxurious Resorts and Villas

Thailand offers multiple options for a romantic and indulgent stay — a secluded villa situated in the lush hillsides or a lavish resort overlooking the turquoise Andaman Sea. 

Imagine waking up to stunning views, having your private pool, and being treated like royalty by friendly staff. Plus, many resorts offer top-notch amenities like spa treatments, gourmet dining, and exciting activities right at your doorstep. 
Thailand’s luxury resorts and villas often feature unique cultural touches, like traditional Thai architecture and décor, adding to the enchanting experience.

3. Rich Cultural Heritage

Thailand’s cultural heritage isn’t just about peering into history; it’s an adventure waiting to unfold. 

Discover ancient temples like Wat Pho or the Grand Palace, brimming with intricate architecture and stories from centuries ago. Visit the ancient remnants of Ayutthaya or the historically significant Chiang Mai.
You can experience the charm of Thai culture through local festivals and immersive cultural activities. Dive into vibrant local markets, where you can shop for handmade treasures.

4. Culinary Delights

Thai food is full of bold flavours and spices. The food ranges from aromatic curries to spicy stir-fries.

You must definitely try Thai traditional dishes. Don’t miss out on street food at Bangkok’s bustling markets. Grilled Satay Skewers and Sweet Mango Sticky Rice must be on your list.
To make your eating experience intriguing, dine with your partner at a floating market. There, you can feast on fresh seafood while floating down the river. If you’re interested in savouring exotic items, try fried insects or durian fruit.

5. Adventure and Exploration

Thailand offers exciting options to honeymooners with a penchant for adventure.

You can dive into the crystal-clear waters for snorkelling or scuba diving, trek through lush jungles, zip-line through the treetops, do white water rafting, explore caves, skydive, or participate in the International Balloon Festival. The list is endless!

If you love exploring cultural attractions then the local markets are not to be missed. You can find interesting items for souvenirs there. We recommend discovering elephant sanctuary visits, and the lively nightlife of Bangkok or Phuket.

6. Relaxation and Wellness

Thailand is famous for its top-notch spa retreats

You can treat yourself to traditional Thai massages, and holistic wellness therapies. Unwind with your partner in tranquil spa sanctuaries, where skilled therapists will help you experience blissful relaxation. 

These establishments often offer comprehensive wellness programmes, including meditation classes, yoga sessions, and detox treatments.
Additionally, many resorts and hotels in Thailand offer exclusive wellness amenities like infinity pools, steam rooms, and jacuzzis, where you can relax and rejuvenate in luxurious surroundings.

7. Warm Thai Hospitality

Thai hospitality is about showing deep cultural respect and reverence for guests. It’s often expressed through traditional customs and gestures of goodwill

Whether you’re checking into a hotel, dining at a local restaurant, or exploring the sights, you’ll be treated with the utmost respect and warmth. Thai people always go above and beyond to ensure you feel at home.

Thailand’s hospitality extends to creating meaningful connections and fostering a sense of belonging. You can expect surprise treats, special decorations, and personalised recommendations.

Honeymoon in Bali

If you’re planning your honeymoon in Bali, we invite you to our most romantic Bali honeymoon villas. Here, every detail is crafted for love and luxury. 

To add greater delight, we’ve designed a Romantic Bali Honeymoon Package. It’s the epitome of romantic indulgence. 

We’ve bundled several surprises to make your honeymoon extra special.

  • A welcome honeymoon cake, a complimentary bottle of sparkling wine and a bouquet of beautiful red roses as you arrive at our award-winning resort.
  • An indulgent stay of 3-5 nights in our luxe suite or villa. 
  • A complimentary flower petal bath for you and your partner. 
  • An exclusive 7-course romantic dinner. 
  • A couple’s spa treatment, featuring a body massage, full body scrub, and body mask.
  • A one-way airport transfer to Viceroy Bali. 

Book your honeymoon package today!

What’s the Best Time to Visit Bali for a Wedding and Honeymoon?

What’s the Best Time to Visit Bali for a Wedding and Honeymoon?

The best time to visit Bali for a wedding and honeymoon is during the dry season (May to October), however this is also the most expensive time to visit Bali.

A wedding or honeymoon in Bali is a dream for countless couples worldwide. Picture-perfect landscapes, soothing serenity, luxurious indulgences, a rich cultural heritage, and thrilling escapades make it the ultimate setting for the occasion.

However, knowing the right time to visit Bali can make a difference. After all, you wouldn’t want the weather to dampen your excitement. 

Let’s first learn a bit about the island’s climate so that you can know the perfect timing for your magical celebration.

What is Bali’s Climate?

Bali’s climate is tropical. The weather is warm with considerable humidity. The island has two seasons:

Wet Season (November to March): The temperature ranges between 75-85 °F (24-29 °C). 

Dry Season (May to October): The temperature ranges between 80-90 °F (27-32 °C). 

What Season in Bali is Best for Weddings?

The dry season (May to October) is the best time for weddings in Bali. 

  • Cloudless Skies: The weather is bright and sunny. The warm temperatures are comfortable for outdoor wedding ceremonies and receptions.

Bali’s stunning sunsets seem more spectacular amidst clear skies. The perfect backdrop for your wedding! Also, gentle breezes often accompany these sunsets. The overall atmosphere enhances the romance of your wedding celebration.

  • Comfortable Attire: You can dress comfortably for the wedding festivities without worrying about feeling overheated or sweaty.
  • Venue Availability and Offerings: During the dry season, Bali’s wedding venues become even more accessible and enchanting.

Can You Plan a Rain Wedding in Bali?

You can consider the wet season for your wedding if you prefer to avoid high prices, keep your wedding indoors, or want a monsoon destination wedding.

During this season, rainfall typically occurs intermittently. So, you can still venture outdoors between showers. 

The rain enhances the beauty of Bali’s inland areas like the rice terraces and jungle in Ubud. However, the coastal beaches become dirty due to the rubbish washed ashore. Also, there is a risk of flooding and transport may be disrupted in some areas.

You can opt to consult rain-stoppers to prevent rainfall over a specific area. But, this option can be costly.

Unsure about consulting the mystical people to control the rain? You could still go ahead with your wedding if you plan to keep the celebrations confined to a single location, like a luxury resort.

Viceroy Bali — A Perfect Venue for Your Wedding

Viceroy Bali can be your exquisite venue to exchange vows during Bali’s dry season. This luxury resort offers romantic Bali honeymoon villas, gourmet cuisine, breathtaking surroundings, exceptional hospitality and personalised services.

What Season in Bali is Best for Honeymoons?

It’s best for a honeymoon in Bali is during the dry season.

  • Diverse Outdoor Activities: Bali’s dry weather offers numerous outdoor activities, like:
    • Visiting cultural sites
    • Exploring scenic bike routes through the countryside
    • Enjoying leisurely walks
    • Sunbathing
    • Snorkelling
    • Admiring breathtaking sunsets
    • Dining under the stars
    • Attending Balinese dance shows
    • Joining authentic cooking classes to learn Balinese cuisine secrets
    • Exploring local art galleries and craft markets for unique souvenirs
  • Captivating Photography Opportunities: Bali’s dry weather creates perfect conditions for capturing stunning photographs. You can document your love story against Bali’s iconic landmarks like the Uluwatu Temple or the vibrant Balinese market.

Viceroy Bali — A Perfect Honeymoon Destination

After saying ‘I do,’ you can set off on your honeymoon adventure. You can indulge in romantic experiences ranging from private poolside moments to candlelit degustation dinners under the stars. Viceroy Bali promises to elevate your honeymoon experience like never imagined.

How Much Does a Luxury Trip to Bali Cost?

How Much Does a Luxury Trip to Bali Cost?


The cost of a luxury trip to Bali is not fixed. It depends on several factors — accommodation type, dining preferences, commute, leisure activities, and the timing of your visit. 

In this blog, we consider these elements to give you a clear idea of the potential cost range. You can then customise your Bali luxury holiday to suit your preferences.

Bali Luxury Trip Costs: Accommodation, Dining, Activities, and More

1. Luxury Accommodation Costs

Luxury accommodation in Bali can cost between $70 and $350 a night or higher.

This cost varies for several reasons:

  • Properties that offer unrestricted views of the ocean or jungle are pricier.
  • Room categories within hotels and resorts are priced differently based on comforts.

Rooms and villas offer you amenities like on-site restaurants, pools, excellent service, and complimentary breakfast (at select places). If you choose a pool villa, you get a private pool all to yourself.

Luxury resort in Bali

2. Luxury Dining Costs

Fine dining in Bali usually ranges from $10-25 per meal or more

Your dining preferences can influence your luxury trip cost in the following ways:

  • Location: If the restaurant is situated in a luxury area or tourist spot, the restaurant will be more expensive.
  • Type of Menu: You can choose between à la carte and tasting menus. Both these menus have different price points. Tasting menus are more expensive.
  • Wine and Beverage Selection: Many fine-dining restaurants offer high-quality, rare, or vintage wines from across the world. Premium beverage options mean higher prices. Some restaurants also offer assistance from sommeliers, adding to the price. 
  • Ambience: Posh furnishings, elegant setting and stunning views (jungle, ocean, or rice paddy) enhance the fine dining experience. Restaurants charge more for this unique offering.
  • Service: Some fine dining restaurants offer private dining rooms for intimate and exclusive celebrations and romantic dinners.
A luxury restaurant in Bali

3. Transport Options

There are plenty of transport options in Bali. They come with different prices

Travel OptionPriceDescription
Bicycle Rental$2-4 per dayThis option is best for short distances.
Scooter Rental$5-10 per dayThis option is the quickest and easiest option for getting around Bali, especially in heavy traffic areas.
Non-app Scooter Taxi $5-10 per tripYou can find local scooter taxis waiting in busy areas. Be ready to negotiate the price as they tend to be higher.
App-driven Scooter Taxi (Go-Jek & Grab)$1-5 per tripIt’s easier to book these scooter taxis online. Plus, they are competitively priced.
Car Rental With Driver — Half or Full Day$20-60We recommend this option to explore Bali comfortably as per your preference. 
Taxi Cars$5-20 per tripThey offer door-to-door service. They are suitable for longer distances or late-night travel.
Helicopter Transport$500 – 3000 per tripThis option is for those who want to travel in true luxury.
A helicopter in Bali

4. Luxury Leisure Activities Costs

Bali is excellent for adventure enthusiasts and culture seekers. 

The island offers a huge list of activities like a cruise experience, private helicopter ride, Balinese cooking class, hot air balloon ride, white water rafting, sunrise trek at Mount Batur, stroll through rice terraces, and more.

The cost of these experiences varies. Some of them come with a very high price tag. 

For example, when deciding to cruise in a yacht or take a helicopter ride, you can choose between being part of a group or opting for a private and customised ride. Obviously, the private option will be more expensive. But it comes with tons of benefits. Everything on the ride, right from the journey to dining options is set to match your tastes.

We recommend you research online listings and booking platforms to find the cost and availability of activities.

A luxury couple massage in Bali

5. Seasonality 

The time of the year affects the price of your luxury trip in Bali.

  • Peak Season: The tourist season peaks during the dry months from June to August and during major holidays like Easter, Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year and the End of Ramadan (Idul Fitri). The crowds also peak during events like the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival and Bali Arts Festival. During these times, luxury accommodation and activities are highly-priced.
  • Low Season: The tourist numbers decrease in the rains (November to March). It rains frequently during these months and the humidity is unbearably high. Naturally, the demand for accommodations and activities is low. Many luxury resorts and hotels may offer discounted rates to attract visitors.
  • Shoulder Season: This season is the period between peak and low seasons. It balances favourable weather conditions and lower prices. During this time, luxury resorts and hotels may offer value-added packages.
💡Note: We’ve mentioned indicative prices. They’re subject to change. Please check for real-time updates. 

Bali Luxury Trip Packages From Viceroy Bali

Viceroy Bali Luxury Resort offers luxury trip packages for families and couples.

Our luxury packages include staying in our private pool villas with sophisticated amenities, a Balinese massage, lunch or dinner at our in-house fine dining restaurant, a floating breakfast and much more. Our curated luxury package has everything you need for a luxurious holiday in Bali.
These packages substantially reduce the overall cost of your luxury trip and give you the chance to experience a complete luxury vacation. Plus, they reduce the hassle of separate bookings for activities. Book with us now.

A couple enjoying wine at a luxury resort in Bali

Romantic Things To Do in Bali – The Ultimate Couples Itinerary

Romantic Things To Do in Bali – The Ultimate Couples Itinerary


In this blog post, we’ve curated the most romantic things to do in Bali, so your time here is nothing short of magical.

Bali holds an irresistible allure for honeymooners worldwide. While the typical honeymoon checklist often includes luxurious resorts and cultural excursions, Bali unveils romantic adventures beyond the ordinary. 

1. Stay in a Private Pool Villa

Bali spoils you for choice with its options of private pool villas, unmatched for spectacular views, comfort and luxury services.

You can choose to relax in a luxury villa in Ubud surrounded by lush jungle or a private villa overlooking the azure ocean. The romantic surroundings, comfortable furnishings and elegant decor transport you into an altogether magical world. 

Adding to this extravagance is the range of add-ons services on offer at most luxury villas. Staff can arrange romantic room decorations, a floating breakfast for two or even flower petal baths for a special night in. Villa staff in Bali are known for going the extra mile to make the stay special for couples. If you tell the staff beforehand that you are celebrating a special occasion, you may even receive romantic surprises, cute gestures and gifts such as sparkling wine on arrival.

2. Experience a Candlelight Degustation Dinner

A must on your Bali romantic itinerary is to book in an exceptional degustation dinner for two in a fine dining restaurant. 

From savoury appetisers to indulgent desserts, Bali’s top restaurants let you experience the world’s finest flavours as well as sensationally prepared Balinese cuisine. Some restaurants have an in-house sommelier to guide you with wine selection, to uplift your sensorial experience.

Restaurants can arrange your romantic dining experience either in a private dining room or outdoors against a stunning backdrop. You may even be able to book a private table, just for you and your beau. 

Some restaurants also offer romantic table decoration with flower petals or candles. Just call ahead of time to arrange first. 

The overall experience is a perfect way to deepen your connection and make lasting memories with your soulmate.

3. Rejuvenate With a Couple’s Spa Package

What is more romantic than a couples massage or spa day in Bali? Unique Balinese wellness accompanied by exceptional hospitality — This is the perfect description of a couple spa experience in Bali. Spas differ in their unique treatments. But all of them share the unmistakable Balinese hospitality and world-renowned Balinese massage techniques. 

Bali spas are well known for their serenely romantic ambiance, resplendent with traditional Balinese décor, fragrant flowers, and flickering candles. Skilled therapists use age-old Balinese techniques and aromatic oils infused with Balinese ingredients. 

Opting for a couples treatment enables you to relax side-by-side with your beau. Many packages include a massage, scrub and romantic bath ritual in a stone tub filled with petals. Gentle authentic Balinese music plays in the background, further enhancing your relaxation and connection with your loved one.

4. Raft Together on the Ayung River

The Ayung River rafting experience promises an adrenaline rush and a romantic escapade together. 

While rafting, your shared excitement of conquering the rapids together will fuse feelings of thrill and closeness. As you navigate further, you’ll pass through the beautiful gorge, the towering cliffs and lush rainforest. The sights are drop-dead gorgeous. Take our word for it!

There’ll be stretches where the river is calm. Perfect moments to bask in each other’s arms and listen to the tranquil nature! After rafting, you can reflect on your shared escapade at a picturesque riverside restaurant with a cocktail or coconut. A perfect day!

5. Set Sail on a Romantic Cruise

A cruise experience in Bali is enthralling. Right from the moment you board, you’ll feel the excitement of another kind flowing through your veins. As you sail along, pristine beaches will greet you.

In Bali, you can choose to sail on a short sunset cruise, a full-day one or one with overnight itineraries. If you’re looking for a private experience, we recommend you opt for a chartered cruise. There, you can indulge in gourmet dinner, spa services and live entertainment.

6. Take a Private Helicopter Ride

Taking a breathtaking bird’s-eye view in the company of your darling is a one-off experience you shouldn’t miss when in Bali. 

During the helicopter ride, you can choose whether to sweep past the coast and admire the island’s stunning beaches. Or, ascend to the mountains and witness the majestic volcanic landscapes. Or, experience an aerial view of the sun dipping below the horizon. 

Throughout the journey, the pilots will entertain you with informative commentary about the sights below. The flexibility to customise the route makes it a once in a lifetime experience. This exclusive intimacy is romantic to an altogether different level!

7. Take a Couples Balinese Cooking Class

A Balinese cooking class is more than a hands-on cooking experience. It’s a chance to know Bali’s culinary heritage in an intimate and fun activity. Savouring Balinese food in a restaurant is surely an experience, but preparing it with your partner is an unmatched delight.

Together, you learn about local ingredients and traditional cooking methods, visit a bustling market, and cook an authentic recipe. In the kitchen, both work side by side — chopping, grinding, and cooking.

In the end, you enjoy the meal that you cooked, together. Overall, the experience is a unique way of bonding over food and a romantic memory from Bali you both will never forget.

8. Go on a Hot Air Balloon Ride

A ride in a hot air balloon in Bali is a romantic experience like none. 

As you drift gently through the sky in a wicker basket beneath a colourful balloon, you can immerse in the infinite tranquillity. You hear the rustle of the wind and take in the scents of the surrounding nature. This unhurried intimate experience is uniquely sensorial.

You can choose from three packages. The sunrise and sunset packages allow you to enjoy vibrant hues of the rising and the setting sun. The dinner package enables you to experience the Balinese landscape under the moonlight.

9. Share a Romantic Moment at one of Bali’s Hidden Waterfalls

Bali has some splendid waterfalls. Each of them can captivate your senses uniquely. We’re talking of Gitgit Waterfall, Tegenungan Waterfall, Banyumala Twin Waterfalls, Sekumpul Waterfall, Tibumana Waterfall, and Leke Leke Waterfall.

These waterfalls are tucked away in Bali’s lush jungles. They offer a secluded and intimate setting to elevate your romance, from the hustle of the town.

You can choose to take a swim in pristine pools, enjoy a picnic, or sit hand in hand. Bali’s waterfalls are a unique natural setting to connect romantically and have whispered conversations.

10. Enjoy a Sunrise Trek at Mount Batur

Picture this: You wake up before dawn and walk up a mountain with your partner. You witness an amazing sunrise with the sun’s rays filling the sky. And, then you take gorgeous selfies with your loved one. It feels surreal, doesn’t it?

That’s what the sunrise trek at Mount Batur is! It’s more incredible than a regular trek because you experience stunning views of lush forests, volcanic craters, and Lake Batur. All of these are from an active volcano’s summit!

Expert and experienced guides will take you on this trek trail. It’s a challenging yet unmissable experience!

11. Watch a Traditional Balinese Dance Performance

A Traditional Balinese Dance Performance shares stories from Balinese mythology, legends, folklore, religious traditions, or everyday village life. The dancers use their movements, facial expressions and gestures to make the narrative engaging. 

The shows usually happen in temples or outside in theatres. They might be part of religious events, festivals, or other special times. 

It’s like you’re in a whole new world with Balinese costumes, dancing, and lively music! It’s an experience you’ll want to remember with your partner.

12. Take a Romantic Stroll Through Ubud’s Rice Terraces

Ubud’s rice terraces are famous for their breathtaking scenery, cultural heritage, and serene ambience. They attract visitors from around the world.

They’re the perfect backdrop for a stroll with your loved one. As you meander through the carved paths, you’ll feel peaceful and more connected with each other. You can take romantic photos against the stunning backdrop. The gentle rustle of the wind and the rhythmic sounds of water flowing in the irrigation channels heighten the intimacy.

It’s best to visit the rice terrace either at sunrise or sunset.

13. Enrol in an Acro Yoga Session

Acro Yoga mixes acrobatics, yoga, and Thai massage. In this session, you and your partner learn to balance and strengthen your bodies. It enhances your coordination and instils trust in each other. It’s a perfect bonding experience.

But beyond exercise, it’s a chance to get closer. There’s a lot of physical touch, play and spontaneity involved. As you perform the poses and movements, your breathing synchronises. And, focusing on the pose forms alignment and stability. This coordination elevates connection and trust between the two of you.

Acro Yoga sessions often take place in serene outdoor settings or cosy studio spaces. 

14. Try Out Vedic Reading

Vedic reading in Bali blends ancient Indian wisdom and Balinese spirituality. Experienced astrologers or spiritual guides use traditional Balinese rituals alongside Vedic astrology techniques. 

They explore the cosmic connection in your romance and also offer remedies to overcome any hurdles in the relationship. This session is great for honeymooners who are keen to understand each other deeply. 

While Vedic reading may not be conventionally romantic, it can spiritually enhance your bond. Seeking guidance together to make your relationship more meaningful is romantic too. It shows that both of you want to explore your compatibility and emotional closeness.

15. Go Creative in a Couple’s Batik Workshop

Batik is a special kind of art from Indonesia. It’s about colouring fabric in a special way using wax to make pretty patterns and designs. 

During the workshop, you’ll learn from expert artists who’ll help you make your own Batik art. It’s a fun activity you’ll enjoy together with your partner. The workshop happens in a calm studio or traditional Balinese compound.

You can make matching Batik scarves, sarongs, or wall hangings. These finished pieces will be special reminders of your time in Bali. While you work together, sharing ideas and laughs, you’ll make memories and grow closer as a couple.

16. Surf Together

Bali is famous for its amazing surfing spots. Places like Legian, Seminyak, Canggu, and Uluwatu have different kinds of waves that are good for all levels of surfers.

Surfing is a super fun way to connect and have a blast together. Experienced surf teachers make sure your surfing time is safe and fun. Plus, Bali’s lively surf scene, hot tropical weather, and beautiful coastal views make surfing here really special.

You can share special moments both in and out of the water, like watching the sunset, having a yummy dinner by the sea, or chilling out at a fancy beach hotel after surfing.

17. Take a Sunset Tour At Temples In Bali 

Bali’s temples are surrounded by amazing natural views. A Sunset Tour at Temples in Bali lets you soak in the island’s spiritual and cultural charm while watching the beautiful sunset. 

You can see famous temples like Tanah Lot, Uluwatu, or Ulun Danu Beratan. Each temple has its special vibe at sunset. You can walk together around the temples, and check out the cool stone carvings, fancy pagodas, and special shrines. You can also watch Balinese ceremonies, which make the experience even more interesting and cultural.

As the sun goes down, you can find a quiet place to sit and enjoy the calmness. The fading sunlight and the old temples create a peaceful feeling, building emotional intimacy. 

Stay in a Romantic Ubud Honeymoon Resort

If you are celebrating your loved one’s birthday, your anniversary or your honeymoon, Viceroy Bali Resort has everything you need in one place for a memorable vacation together.

For short visits, we can arrange romantic dinners at our on-site restaurants; Apéritif Restaurant or CasCades or a relaxing day at our spa; Akoya. 

For honeymooners, our special honeymoon package offers excellent value for money and includes everything you could dream of for your perfect honeymoon. 

We offer a minimum 3-nights honeymoon package that pampers you with:

  • A bottle of bubbling wine on arrival
  • Stay in our luxury suite or pool villa
  • A box of red roses, a special cake, and a bath filled with flower petals
  • A romantic seven-course dinner at our luxurious Apéritif Restaurant with candles and flowers
  • A two-hour spa session for couples at Akoya Spa, with massages and more in a private room
  • A one-way ride from the airport to Viceroy Bali

Our resort offers serene surroundings, caring staff, wellness experiences, cultural and personal enrichment activities, and curated moments with your partner. 

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What to Wear at a Luxury Resort?

What to Wear at a Luxury Resort?

So, you’re planning a relaxing vacation at a luxury resort? You may have already started picturing yourself lounging by a pristine pool, surrounded by lush landscapes and impeccable service, or indulging in gourmet cuisines, unwinding with spa treatments, and experiencing personalised luxury you deserve.

But amidst this dreamy anticipation, have you considered what you’re going to wear? Are you wondering if your wardrobe is up to par for the occasion? Do you have questions like, “What should I pack?”, “Is there a dress code to follow?”, and “How can I strike the perfect balance between style and comfort?”. Fear not! You’re not alone in this sartorial conundrum. 

This guide will help you plan your outfits for your luxury resort stay. Whether you’re a trendsetter on Instagram or someone who seeks comfort and style, you’ll be able to use these guidelines to your advantage. 

Luxury Resort Wear Guidelines

1. Consider the Climate

Pack your wardrobe according to the resort’s location’s climate. Before packing, find out if your resort is a beachfront paradise, a mountain retreat, or a tropical oasis. 

Refer to the below tabulation for resort daywear considering different climates. 

For evening wear at luxury resorts, the overall concepts remain consistent across different climates. There may be slight variations in fabric choices and footwear. Check out the below tabulation.

2. Pack Practical Poolside and Beachwear

Follow the below tips:

  1. Swimsuits: Select swimsuits that make you feel confident and comfortable and also suit your style and the activities you plan to engage in. Opt for designs that offer good coverage and support while still flattering your figure. Pack multiple swimsuits to have options for different days or occasions.
  1. Cover-ups and Sarongs: Bring along versatile cover-ups and sarongs that can easily transition from the pool or beach to lunch or drinks at the resort’s bar. Lightweight and breathable fabrics like cotton or chiffon will keep you cool and stylish in the tropical heat.
  1. Sun Hats: Pack a stylish sun hat to shield your face and eyes from the sun’s harsh rays while lounging by the pool or walking along the beach. Look for wide-brimmed hats with UPF protection for added sun safety.
  1. Flip-Flops or Water Shoes: Wear flip-flops or water shoes to protect your feet from hot sand or rough surfaces while walking around the pool area or on the beach. Choose lightweight and comfortable options that are easy to slip on and off.

3. Check the Dress Code

Many luxury resorts have specific dress codes for their restaurants and special events to maintain a certain level of ambience and decorum. While packing, enquire with the resort if they are stringent or relaxed with their dress code. Ask whether formal attire is necessary for fine dining occasions or special events, and if there are any restrictions on casual or beachwear in other areas of the resort.

Take for example Viceroy, a Bali Luxury Resort, you can check directly with the staff while packing your bag to ensure you’re prepared for all occasions. For instance, at their Apéritif Restaurant, the dress code is upscale casual. While formal attire is not required, they recommend dressing smartly to match the elegant ambience of the restaurant.

4. Prioritise Versatility

A versatile wardrobe allows you to adapt to various activities and occasions during your stay without the need for excessive packing. Here’s how.

  1. Choose Multi-Purpose Pieces: Opt for a neutral-coloured dress, a pair of tailored pants, or a versatile skirt that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Pair these pieces with different tops or accessories to create various outfits.
  1. Mix and Match: Mix tops, bottoms, and outerwear to create multiple looks. For example, pair a blouse with both skirts and pants or wear a blazer over dresses or trousers for a different ensemble.
  1. Colour Coordinate: Stick to neutral colours like black, white, navy, and beige. You can pair them with bolder accent colours or patterns.
  1. Consider Layering: Pack lightweight layers like cardigans, scarves, or jackets that can be added or removed depending on the temperature or dress code of the occasion. 
  1. Accessorise: Bring a selection of accessories like statement jewellery, scarves, belts, and hats to elevate your outfits.

5. Plan for Activities

If your resort offers various activities, pack appropriate activewear and footwear to ensure you’re prepared for it while still looking stylish.

For example, if you plan to participate in yoga sessions, pack breathable and stretchy yoga pants or leggings, along with moisture-wicking tops. For hiking or outdoor adventures, opt for lightweight and quick-drying clothing.

Choose pieces that allow for ease of movement and flexibility. Yet maintain a stylish appearance by selecting activewear with flattering cuts, trendy designs, or fun patterns that reflect your style.

Choose footwear that is suitable for the terrain and activities you’ll be participating in. This could include athletic sneakers for gym workouts, hiking boots or trail shoes for outdoor excursions, or water shoes for water sports activities.

6. Respect Local Customs

 If your luxury resort is in a destination with specific cultural norms, research any dress codes or modesty guidelines to ensure you pack respectful attire. 

For instance, tourists in Bali are expected to dress modestly when visiting Bali villages or Bali’s temples and other sacred sites. They must cover their shoulders and body below the knee, and wrap a sarong around their waist or below the knee.

While style is important, prioritise comfort and your style. Choose clothing that allows you to move freely and feel at ease during your activities and relaxation.

When you are in the resort, hotel or villa it’s usually okay to dress as you please while being mindful of other guests. Some Bali Luxury hotel’s may have some hotel dress guidelines, so you can look them up or ask the hotel before your trip.

7. Focus on Comfort

While style is important, prioritise comfort and your style. Choose clothing that allows you to move freely and feel at ease during your activities and relaxation.

Resort Wear Attire FAQS

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